Edinburgh Fringe Review

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Natalie Palamides, Pleasance Courtyard

I had a heated debate with a colleague earlier this week about Natalie Palamides’ lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer-nominated show Laid. Is it a show about pro-choice? Is it a sex education show to say use contraception? Or is it just an extremely daft show in which a woman repeatedly smashes up eggs and/or cooks them onstage. One thing is certain.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Lucy Pearman, Heroes @ Monkey Barrel

2017 could go down at the lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Award’s year of the nutters. There have been nominations for oddball loon Spencer Brown and parrot-faced Elf Lyons in the Best Show category and in the Best Newcomer category egg-laying woman Natalie Palamides and Lucy Pearman, in which the Gaulier-train clown plays a wench in search of a husband, based on the quality of their cabbage.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Elf Lyons, Underbelly

After you have watched Elf Lyons performng her version of Swan Lake in a ludicrously bright bird costume you’ll find her unique voice stays with you. 

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Sophie Willan, Pleasance Courtyard

Sophie Willan has been out all night celebrating her nomination for the lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Awards and her voice has become a husky squawk.
Branded is her follow up to last year’s On Record, based around the social worker reports written about her as a child in care.
This year Willan responds to the labels which are often placed on her, such as ‘northern’, ‘working class’ and ‘f

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Ahir Shah, Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire

Update 23/8/17: Ahir Shah has been nominated for a lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show. See nominees here.

Given the current state of the nation it is surprising there is not more political comedy on the Fringe.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Kwame Asante, Pleasance Courtyard

Kwame Asante has been nominated for a lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer. See nominees here.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Harriet Braine, Laughing Horse @ Golf Tavern

Musical comedian Harriet Braine begins with a bold and risky swipe at Scotland’s favourite tea towel artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Seymour Mace, The Stand

The Geordie comic has decided this year to try to become more emotionally honest – in a show framed by his own depression. If that sounds dreadful, it really isn’t. Mace is a natural clown, who could take any subject under the sun and make it into laughter.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Kai Humphries, Gilded Balloon

Kai Humphries might not be a household name, but if you live in his hometown of Blyth in the north-east, where his family runs the Punch-Drunk comedy club, he sounds like something of a legend. His show is a truly-heart-warming tale of as community pulling together thanks to comedy. And thanks to two brothers thumping the shit out of each other in the boxing ring.


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