The Stand

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Seymour Mace, The Stand

The Geordie comic has decided this year to try to become more emotionally honest – in a show framed by his own depression. If that sounds dreadful, it really isn’t. Mace is a natural clown, who could take any subject under the sun and make it into laughter.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Paul Sinha, The Stand

You think you had a bad year? Paul Sinha may be able to trump you. In Shout Out To My Ex the former doctor now best known as The Sinnerman, the general knowledge buff on The Chase, reflects on an eventful year in his life. It’s a veritable rollercoaster but he makes it into a very funny one too. 

Live Review: Stuart Goldsmith, The Stand, Glasgow Comedy Festival

Marketing teams take note. It was interesting to discover how Stuart Goldsmith sold most tickets for his show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival. Not through PR. Not through advertising. Through his podcast. A mention of his excellent Comedian's Comedian interview series (200 guests and counting) got hands shooting up into the air as if he was giving away free shortbread.  

Edinburgh Fringe Review: John Robertson, The Stand

Reviewed by Claire Smith.

With a blast of rock music Robertson, smartly suited, long white hair flying, strides onto the stage to take possession of the space.

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