Review: At The Drive In Comedy, Blackheath, SE3
Last weekend we entered the brave new post-apocalyptic world of stand-up comedy that you watch in your cars with the first Drive-In Club shows in Brent Cross. Now second out of the gate is shows from... more
Review: Behind The Filter, BBC Three
This one-off 15-minute sitcom pilot from comedian Phoebe Walsh was scheduled to launch in early June. No specific reason was given for its delay, but now it has finally emerged on BBC Three it has... more
Review: Lol – Last One Laughing, Amazon Prime
I know that sometimes it is hard to tell the spoof reality TV shows from the real ones but wasn't there a show a while back in which a group of young good looking people were locked in a house and... more
TV Review: Staged, BBC One
One is a Welshman from Port Talbot with a gift for impersonations. The other is a more nervy character and although they seem to be friends there is also a tension about status under the surface. No... more
TV Review: Comedians Home Alone, BBC Two
Following E4's Remote Comedy From The Paddock BBC2 launches their own self-shot lockdown rapidfire sketch show. And on the basis of the first episodes - not that this is a competition – the... more
TV Review: The First Team, BBC2
We might have to wait a bit longer for the real Premier League to start but you can get an early football fix with this new sitcom set in the world of soccer's top flight written by Inbetweeners... more
The first thing that gig-less comedians did after lockdown was put live shows online. The second was launch a podcast. But television hasn’t been far behind, using the format of quickfire, viral-... more
TV Review: Horizon – What's The Matter With Tony Slattery?
A decade ago I wrote a book about comedians and mental health. Except that when Beyond A Joke* was published society had not really started talking that much publicly about mental health, so... more
Book Review: Alternative Comedy: 1979 and the Reinvention of British Stand-Up By Oliver Double
When I saw that Oliver Double’s new book about Alternative Comedy was £75 I assumed it was a massive doorstep tome that the postperson would never be able to carry. So I was surprised when (thank you... more
TV Review: Charlie Brooker's Antiviral Wipe, BBC Two
Well at least one good thing has come out of this bloody pandemic. We've got another Wipe. And while this one was filmed under lockdown social distancing conditions it didn't really hit the... more
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