TV; King Rocker: Sky Arts, By Stewart Lee/Michael Cumming
I wasn't sure whether I should be reviewing this. It's not a comedy after all, is it? It's just a documentary about obscure Midlands musician Robert Lloyd. But it's co-made by Stewart Lee and... more
TV: Back, C4
Now this is more like it. At the risk of sounding like a fogeyish version of the David Mitchell character in Peep Show/real life this is a proper good old grown up comedy. Not really a sitcom at all... more
TV Review: Bamous, BBC Three/BBC One
Comedian Dane Baptiste has been an articulate voice about race and representation in the media in recent years. He also seemed to suggest that there were viewers in outer space watching Channel 4... more
TV Review: Staged, BBC
Back in mid-December when the launch date for the second series of Staged was announced I jokingly tweeted: “So clever of BBC to schedule it to coincide with new lockdown”. Little did I know how... more
Reviews: Billy Connolly It's Been A Pleasure & Micky Flanagan Peeping Behind The Curtain
It's been a good festive season for comedy documentaries, particularly if you like your comedians with long flowing hair. Christmas has been bookended for me by two docs about two fantastic comedians... more
News: Last Leg Guests Tonight
There was a fuss a while back about the lack of female travel series presenters on mainstream television. Joanna Lumley seemed to be flying a fairly solitary flag, but now here comes Sara Pascoe to... more
Review: Death To 2020, Netflix
This is no doubt more my problem than Charlie Brooker's but I never thought I'd be disappointed by something Brooker was involved in. I even loved Nathan Barley. I'd been looing forward to Death To... more
Review: Sara Pascoe – LadsLadsLads
Sara Pascoe’s LadsLadsLads marks a change of image and direction. Out goes neutral stage-wear, in comes sparkly top and fishnet tights. The material is less political, more personal, as we hear about... more
Christmas Books: The Problem with Men: When is it International Men’s Day? (and why it matters) By Richard Herring
Richard Herring is on a roll at the moment, having just filmed a part in a new indie movie and - spoiler alert – won the latest series of Taskmaster. But before these momentous landmarks he also... more
News: Taskmaster Podcast to Return In 2021
As anyone familiar with their work will know, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton do not do things by halves. This book features the scripts for the first three series of the groundbreaking Inside... more
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