TV Review: Out Of Her Mind, BBC Two
Sara Pascoe’s self-penned new comedy is not backwards in coming forwards. As she says at the start,”I am going to destroy your faith in love.” Mrs Brown’s Boys this ain’t, even if she does address... more
News: Taskmaster Moves To Channel 4
Yes, that's right, in case you hadn't noticed (and in which case where have you been?), Taskmaster is now on C4 instead of Dave. But as the hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne made clear from the outset... more
TV: Urban Myths, Les, Miserable, Sky Arts
Two bits of good news. Firstly, the latest run of Urban Myths, the series which tells stories of 'lost' bits of showbiz history, is on Sky Arts which is currently free to anyone who has digital... more
Video: Spitting Image On Trump's Election Masterstroke
The return of Spitting Image is an interesting one. Much has been made of how the divided society we live in now is similar to the one in the 1980s when this first aired. But even if that is the same... more
Live Review: Josh Widdicombe, Sindhu Vee, Lou Sanders, John Robins, Greenwich Comedy Festival
I've been to all sorts of comedy shows in the last few months, but this one seemed to be the best. Maybe it's because Greenwich Comedy Festival gigs always have an al fresco vibe as they are usually... more
Review: Travels With My Father, Netflix
Jack Whitehall's latest comic travelogue with his curmudgeonly dad Michael in tow is set in Australia, but apart from the location everything else here is pretty much the same. Childish humour,... more
TV: Ghosts, 8.30pm. BBC One
The team behind Ghosts was lucky enough to finish most of their shooting just before lockdown back in March so it's great to see this hit sitcom back as a lynchpin in the autumn schedules. It even,... more
Video: Michael McIntyre, Showman, Netflix
Nobody would say that Michael McIntyre is a particularly prescient stand-up, but this special, recorded in March at the London Palladium just before lockdown, contains not one but two jokes involving... more
News: Line-Up Announced For Jonathan Ross Comedy Club Show On ITV1
It's hard to believe now because it feels so much like part of the furniture, but when Live at the Apollo started in 2004 it was a bit of a revolution. For many viewers it was the first time they'd... more
Review: The Duchess, Netflix
Katherine Ryan's character in shiny new Netflix comedy The Duchess is called Katherine, so maybe it is no surprise that there are autobiographical elements to Ryan's self-penned sitcom debut. As with... more
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