It’s great that this new Vic and Bob series has had such fantastic reviews. Almost everyone has celebrated the fact that they are clearly having bags of fun revisiting some of their old classic... more
Following the success of Vic and Bob's Big Night Out "reimagining" last Christmas here are four brand new episodes revisiting their early unique screwball lunacy. And while I had a few misgivings... more
There is a theory among performers that critics get into a huddle during the interval and decide what they are going write about a show and that's why we often agree about gigs. Can I say once and... more
Lee Evans is an intriguing performer. At the height of his arena-filling success he decided to give up stand-up. But he didn’t seem to pursue anything instead. He just kept a bit quiet. And now he is... more
Kurupt FM has been raided, and the boys have resorted to desperate measures to stay on the air. They attempt to raise money at a car boot sale to replace their seized equipment with the help of... more
Romesh Ranganathan has become so popular recently I'm surprised nobody has launched The Romesh Channel. If you look up the word ubiquitous in the dictionary you see a picture Romesh Ranganathan.... more
Mark Thomas is one of radical comedy’s national treasures so it feels apt that in his latest show he is looking at another national treasure, the National Health Service. The difference between them... more
A long time ago when Julia Davis co-starred in the decidedly warped BBC2 character comedy Human Remains with Rob Brydon I assumed Brydon was the one with the dark sensibility. Until I interviewed him... more
Is it a play? Is it a music gig? Is it a comedy gig? The Lost Disc is a bit of all three. John Lightbody is former DJ/journalist Stu Morecambe down on his luck and in search of a musical Marie... more
This is one of those reviews that isn't quite a review. This special extended one-off of This Country is now available on iPlayer but it also airs on BBC One – yes, BBC One – on Saturday night, so I... more


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