Review: Sex Education, Netflix
The second series of the sparky school comedy starts off with Otis finally mastering the art of masturbation. And it turns out that for Otis wanking is a bit like Pringles. Once you've popped you can... more
Live Review: Flo & Joan, Soho Theatre
Flo & Joan's publicist asked me to ensure that I put an ampersand and not the full word "and" between their names when I wrote this review. I guess the musical comedy duo want to exert the same... more
TV Review: The Tuckers, BBC One Wales, Episode Two
The second episode of this new comedy set in the Welsh valleys finds the working class Tucker family trying to offload a shedload of hooky Chateauneuf-du-Pap. Surely it'll be a doddle making a few... more
TV Review: The Tuckers, BBC One Wales
I don't know how the BBC works out its schedules, but having given a major PR push to the launch of King Gary at 9.30pm on BBC One last Friday, they didn't broadcast it at that time in Wales. Instead... more
TV Review: Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration, BBC One
Well why not celebrate your tenth birthday in public? That's how Miranda Hart marked the tenth birthday of her self-named BBC sitcom. In public. At the Palladium. With nibbles. In front of a packed... more
TV Review: Hugh Grant: A Life On Screen, BBC2
At any other time of the year I might have given this relatively benign Hugh Grant profile a particularly wide berth, but in the run-up to Christmas it seemed to hit the spot. Let's put it another... more
Review: Sh!t Actually by Sh!t Theatre, Camden People's Theatre, NW1
I've got a very large soft spot for Sh!t Theatre, the punky, powerhouse duo of Rebecca Biscuit and Louise Mothersole. I've seen most of their shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, but because they are not... more
TV: Upright, Sky Atlantic
Tim Minchin's new comedy drama takes him back to Australia. The multi-talented comedian plays a character called Lucky Flynn, although he doesn't seem that lucky in the first episode. The episode... more
TV: Vic & Bob's Big Night Out, BBC4
Vic and Bob's return to the Big Night Out format on BBC4 seems to have invigorated them. In the first show of the second four-part run there are moments that are every bit as funny as their early... more
Review: Ladhood, BBC Three
Comedian Liam Williams has been mining his nothern childhood ever since he broke through and built up a cult following at the Edinburgh Fringe. Now, after a radio series with the same name, here's a... more
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