Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019 – Olaf Falafel Presents Knitting With Maracas, Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree
Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel has returned to the Fringe this year via outer space. At least I think that's why he emerges from a D-I-Y pod onstage to the theme from Kubrick's 2001. Or maybe he is... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019 – The Delightful Sausage, Ginster's Paradise, Monkey Barrel
The dark heart of light entertainment is exposed in this hilarious hour packed with surprises.Chris Cantrill and Amy Gledhill introduce themselves as the resident artistes at a grim northern holiday... more
Jessica Fostekew: Hench
‘Hench’ for people who don’t know the word – is a body building term that means well built, muscular and strong.Jessica Fostekew has always been sturdily built – but now she’s started... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019 – Jack Rooke: Love Letters, Assembly George Square
Gig theatre is a big thing these days. Having a live band or a solo musician on stage to provide a soundscape is having a moment.Jack Rooke, storyteller and broadcaster, performs his show about... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019 – Jayde Adams, The Ballad of Kylie Jenner's Old Face, Pleasance
Ignore the picture on this page. After it was sent out to promote Jayde Adams' latest show the former Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee had her big hair hacked off. She currently sports an... more
Some comedians have a natural advantage over others because they simply have funny bones. Maisie Adam is one of those comedians. From the moment she walks onstage there is comedy in the air. It... more
Climate change and mental health are everywhere this year – and Laura Lexx has something to say about both of them.She also mentions Brexit – which is now guaranteed to plunge an audience into... more
Review: BBC Introducing Radio 4 Comedy Award
There were five acts in this year's final, which made it a tight, fast-paced show: "I sound like this because I'm from New York," said first finalist Janine Harouni, who has already been receiving... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019 – Troy Hawke: Tiles of the Unexpected!, Underbelly
Wearing a red satin smoking jacket and waving a long scarlet feather Troy Hawke sashays onto the stage and fixes his audience with a steely gaze.This misguided aristocrat, the creation of comic Milo... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019 – Max And Ivan, Commitment, Pleasance Dome
Comedy duo Max Olesker and Ivan Gonzalez have become Edinburgh Fringe legends over the years with consistently inventive shows. Their styles can vary from the personal to the fictional and this year... more
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