Edinburgh Fringe Review

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Kai Humphries, Gilded Balloon

Kai Humphries might not be a household name, but if you live in his hometown of Blyth in the north-east, where his family runs the Punch-Drunk comedy club, he sounds like something of a legend. His show is a truly-heart-warming tale of as community pulling together thanks to comedy. And thanks to two brothers thumping the shit out of each other in the boxing ring.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Jordan Brookes, Pleasance Courtyard

Update 23/8/17: Jordan Brookes has been nominated for a lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show. See nominees here.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Chris McGlade, Just The Tonic @ The Caves

I get the impression that Chris McGlade is always an in-your-face comedian, but never more so than at this performance. Despite playing one of the major Just The Tonic venues there were only two people in the audience the night I was in, so I got something of a personal performance, with McGlade pouring himself a mug of tea and doing his material right in front of me. Apologies if this is not the most detailed review.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Ed Night, Pleasance Courtyard

Update 23/8/17: Ed Night has been nominated for a lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer. See nominees here.


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Trygve vs A Baby

Inspired comedy or child exploitation? For his latest show award-winning Kiwi physical comedian Trygve Wakenshaw has formed a double act with his 13-month-old son Phineas. Someone suggested to me that it was a bit cruel because Phineas didn’t really have any say in the matter. I can’t see the problem. He certainly seems to be having a good time. As does the audience. 

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Terry Alderton, Pleasance Courtyard

The show begins with an announcement. Terry Alderton will not be appearing, he is lost in an endless feedback loop inside his head.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Spencer Jones, Hive @ Monkey Barrel

Update December 2017. Spencer Jones is doing this show at the Soho Theatre until January 6, 2018. Buy tickets here.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Robert White, Gilded Balloon

You won’t see another comedy show on the Edinburgh Fringe like Robert White’s InstruMENTAL. That’s for sure. But then again you won’t see another performer like Robert White, who is gay, autistic and a bit of a musical whizzkid. His show is a light opera about his life and, as the title suggests, he puts the MENTAL in Instrumental. 


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