Elf Lyons

News: Elf Lyons Releases Debut Play Online

Award winning comedian Elf Lyons is releasing her critically acclaimed debut play “Gorgon: A Horror Story” as a digital audio play.


News: Tour For Elf Lyons

Following her run at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2017’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show Nominee Elf Lyons hits the road with her new show Love Songs to Guinea Pigs. 


Interview: Elf Lyons

Elf Lyons is a prolific, wonderfully distinctive and hugely creative performer who was nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2017 for her show Swan in which she delivered her personal take on the ballet Swan Lake. She has a brand new show running at the Vault Festival from February 13 - 15, Love Songs to Guinea Pigs. Buy tickets here and read more about it below.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Elf Lyons

Elf Lyons picked up an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination last year for Swan, her decidedly idiosyncratic interpretation of Swan Lake. This year she is tackling a very different subject. Chiff Chaff is her one-woman musical about the economy. You read that right. Expect daffy dancing, costume changes and a funny take on financial theory. There's a lot of clowning to choose from in Edinburgh these days but Lyons is one of the best and also one of the most original.


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Elf Lyons, Underbelly

After you have watched Elf Lyons performng her version of Swan Lake in a ludicrously bright bird costume you’ll find her unique voice stays with you. 

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