Edinburgh Fringe Review

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Bilal Zafar, Just The Tonic at The Mash House

Comedy about cakes takes the biscuit! As a journalist who loves a good headline it would be lovely if Bilal Zafar’s debut Edinburgh show Cakes won an award, but while it is great I'm not sure if it is great enough compared to a lot of other strong shows on the Fringe.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Mr Swallow - Houdini, Pleasance Courtyard

If you want to see a show that is sheer fun from start to finish you can’t go far wrong with Mr Swallow - Houdini. In fact it is better than that. As well as a fun comedy show you also get a magic show thrown in for no extra charge.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Jordan Brookes, Laughing Horse @ Cellar Monkey

Jordan Brookes is a comedian who has definitely got a very distinctive talent. Once seen he is never forgotten. He is creative, inventive and not scared to try out new things onstage even though they might not necessarily work.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Tom Walker, Underbelly

Reviewed by Claire Smith.

An hour spent with Tom Walker is an unqualified joy.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Joel Dommett, Pleasance Courtyard

Joel Dommett is certainly well-connected in the comedy world and beyond. His big production value filmed opening includes cameos from Nish Kumar, James Acaster and even a reality TV star. It’s a distinctive, energetic start to a show that doesn’t break any artistic boundaries but is never less than entertaining.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: John Robertson, The Stand

Reviewed by Claire Smith.

With a blast of rock music Robertson, smartly suited, long white hair flying, strides onto the stage to take possession of the space.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Sarah Kendall, Assembly George Square

Reviewed by Claire Smith.
Australian comic storyteller Sarah Kendall creates landscapes and evokes atmospheres with such precision she makes everything seem vividly real.
Shaken begins with her shrink trying to find out what stories mean to her and why she has a tendency to overemphasise, exaggerate or lie.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Kieran Hodgson, Voodoo Rooms

Reviewed by Claire Smith.

After playing his audience into the room with a violin solo Kieran Hodgson celebrates his obsessions in this brilliantly funny and skilful hour.   


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