Natalie Palamides

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Natalie Palamides

Natalie Palamides won the Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer Award for a show in which she hatched from an egg onstage and cooked food for everyone on a camping stove while performing. Follow that? She has with Nate, a challenging, provocative piece in which she looks at consent and being a man in the modern, post-#metoo world. Be warned, that's not a string of sausages around Palamides' neck, it's a "hard, stretchy cock".  

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Natalie Palamides, Pleasance Courtyard

I had a heated debate with a colleague earlier this week about Natalie Palamides’ Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer-nominated show Laid. Is it a show about pro-choice? Is it a sex education show to say use contraception? Or is it just an extremely daft show in which a woman repeatedly smashes up eggs and/or cooks them onstage. One thing is certain.

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