News: First Trailer For New Series Of Young Offenders
Irish comedy The Young Offenders will return to BBC Three on Sunday 19 July for a third series. The series will also air on BBC One on Fridays at 9.30pm from 24 July.Created by Peter Foott ... more
Video: Michael Spicer's Room Next Door On Dominic Raab Taking The Knee
How did Dominic Raab do so badly when he wasasked on telelvsion about taking the knee? Find out by watching the video below which gives us some unique background on the interview.You can find out... more
holly burn
 A writer recently came in for a lot of criticism following an article in the Financial Times about how she was coping with lockdown in Kensington by buying more flowers, silk pyjamas for her... more
Video: Matt Lucas Presents New Ultimate Thank You Baked Potato Song
Matt Lucas has released his ultimate Thank You Baked Potato song and video. This one features 450 submissions, 70 musicians and 194 actors. Contributors include Michael Ball, Petula Clark,... more
Video: New Game From Mark Watson, Alex Horne, Tim Key
Here's a new game created by Mark Watson, Tim Key and Alex Horne that you can play at home.On each turn, players name a person plus a category they fall under. That person and category are then... more
Video: Michael Spicer's Room Next Door On Dominic Raab Taking The Knee
Michael Spicer rather brillaintly nails Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock in his latest Room Next Door instalment. Watch The Room Next Door below.[video:https://www... more
Video: Music Video Featuring Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones has made a music video encompassing all of those things we've become fixated on under lockdown, from Tiger King to exercising to being stuck with the family to washing our hands.The... more
Video: Michael Spicer's Room Next Door On Dominic Raab Taking The Knee
You maye have already caught Michael Spicer's sharply satirical Room Next Door sketches on social media or James Corden's show. He was also one of the highlights of the first edition of the BBC's... more
Video: One Liner King Mark Simmons Issues Challenge to 27 Other Comics
One-liner comedian Mark Simmons has followed the example of performers doing stunts in super-quick succession onine by putting together a video in which 27 top comics 'pass' the mic to each other in... more
Video: Educational Song From Jeremy Lion
Wayward children's entertainer Jeremy Lion is back with a lockdown bang, offering some brilliant and essential advice on home schooling in these strange times.If Lion looks vaguely familiar that is... more
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