Joey Page is a comedy one-off, a mix of dandy, absurdist and dream-weaver. Noel Fielding once said "he's a fine comedian with a head like a fantasy hand grenade" and I'm not sure if I could... more
Italian comedian Francesco De Carlo asks what do you discover when you decide to leave the safety of your sofa in Italy to become a foreigner in the UK, just as the UK decides to leave Europe? And he... more
Well this has made my day. Comedian John Kearns prints out and keeps my Rarely Asked Questions series (see answer 7). He either has the mind of a true comedy obsessive or I should be worried. Very... more
There is no such thing as an overnight success in stand-up comedy. Five years is probably the going rate from being first noticed to breaking through, which suggests that 2018 could be Edd Hedges... more
The biggest music extravaganza on the planet returns this May as the Eurovision Song Contest, one of the longest-running and most-watched non-sporting events in the world, is broadcast live from... more
Harry and Meghan are excited about their impending marriage but before their big day they must take Charles (Harry Enfield) to America to meet Doria, Meghan's down-to-earth mum.Back in the UK, Wills... more
Asim Chaudhry plays Arnab and Vicki Pepperdine plays Harriet in the new sitcom High & Dry, which starts on C4 on May 4 at 10.30pm. Read more about it here. Explain a little bit about... more
Marc Wotton plays Brett and Harry Peacock plays Douglas in the new sitcom High & Dry, which starts on C4 on May 4 at 10.30pm. Read more about it here.Explain a little bit about High and Dry –... more
Craig Ferguson appears in the series finale of Still Game (BBC One, tonight at 9.30pm) as stuntman Callum Coburn. Welcome to Still Game! How did your involvement in the show come about?Through... more
Back in the late 1980s it seemed compulsory to have Skint Video on every comedy circuit bill. The satirical musical duo of Steve Gribbin and Brian Mulligan made their name with pithy topical songs.... more


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