Bridget Christie

Opinion: Keeping It Real By Keeping It Small

Everybody must surely have a fantasy version of what the perfect stand-up comedy gig would be. This is mine. A smart, funny comedian sets up shop in London somewhere. A small club, where instead of doing a one-night stand they can settle into a relaxed run and play regularly to appreciative audiences.

The Week Ahead: Nov 4 - Nov 10

Comedy residencies used to be three or four nights, maybe a week if you were a big attraction. This week, however, two major comedy shows kick off in London and will still be on for quite a bit longer when the Christmas decorations are taken down in January.

Opinion: Stand-Up Brains Up

These days it feels as if everyone should be taking notes at gigs and not just if you are reviewing it. A few years ago there was a fear that stand-up was dumbing down. That we were destined to live in a world where we did nothing but put useless odds and ends in our man drawers. This week, however, I've been struck by how often comedy currently opts for the high brow option. 

News: Bridget Christie London Run Set To Run & Run

Feminist funny woman Bridget Christie has added more dates to her Soho Theatre residency which now returns from March 11 - 19, making it the biggest selling comedy show at the Soho Theatre ever. Tickets are on sale now here.

Opinion: Bridget Christie's Tabloid Past

I've just been listening to yet another "making feminism funny" interview with Bridget Christie, this time on Radio 4's Women's Hour. Christie seems to have been everywhere since she won the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award on Saturday. One place I haven't seen her richly-deserved success get much coverage, however, is in the Daily Mail, which in the past has indulged in a spot of Stewart Lee-bashing. In fact I've just searched online and I can't see anything there on Christie, apart from a tiny diary story, since her victory. 

Opinion: Edinburgh Comedy Awards Results – Right or Wrong?

So after all the huffing and puffing and heated discussion Bridget Christie won the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award this afternoon. There had been rumours that she might not accept the award but, apart from calling special guest Steve Coogan a "prick" for dumping his girlfriend, she was on her best behaviour.

Opinion: Edfringe 2013 – The Year of Stand-Up Angst?

Best shows of Week One? No contest really. David Baddiel and Bridget Christie. Two shows that are both very different and yet, in a way, quite similar. One is about fame, one is about feminism. Both performers deal with their serious topics intelligently and insightfully but also remember that they are in the comedy section of the Fringe brochure and make sure that their shows are packed with laughs.

Review: Andy Zaltzman, Bridget Christie, Chris Coltrane, Francesca Martinez, Udderbelly

Is it possible to have too much politics at a satirical show? That thought lodged in my brain half-way through Political Animal, the semi-regular club night which has transferred to the Udderbelly tent on London's South Bank for three nights.


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