Richard Herring

News: Richard Herring Wins Taskmaster

Richard Herring has been crowned champion of Taskmaster.

He beat off stiff competition in the first series broadcast on Channel 4 (it was formerly on Dave) from Daisy May Cooper from This Country, Johnny Vegas, Mawaan Rizwan and Katherine Parkinson.


News: Fist of Fun's Peter Dibdin Returns

Richard Herring has realised that with his Movember-related moustache and his advancing years he is now the right age and has the right look to play know-all driving instructor Peter Dibdin, who first appeared in his BBC show Fist of Fun which he used to star in with Stewart Lee.

In this new sketch, part of Herring's online Twitch of Fun show, Dibdin is giving online driving lessons to newbie pupil played by Stevie Martin. 


Video: Taskmaster Special – Richard Herring Interviews Alex Horne

In this Youtube clip Taskmaster 2020 contestant Richard Herring interviews the man behind Taskmaster Alex Horne, who, for the purposes of this interview, plays Richard Herring (keep up).

In this new interview  they talk about throwing up in sinks, pissing off Flight of the Conchords comedian Rhys Darby and Richard's lovely wife.

Taskmaster is on Thursday nights on C4 at 9pm.

Watch Richard Herring interview Alex Horne below


News: Comedians Appear In New Film About Indie Music Scene

Comedians Richard Herring, Nick Helm and Alan Francis are among the cast of a new movie set in the world of noughties indie music entitled Giddy Stratospheres. 

The makers describe the film like this: "Daniel and Lara spiral in the centre of the storm and broken glass that was the 00's Indie Music Scene. They don't miss a gig. They don't miss a beat. After the furious joy of dancing all night darker spells loom. How far can they push it, when they don't want the night to end?


Video: Taskmaster - Richard Herring, Daisy May Cooper Feed Each Other Watermelons

I was a bit worried when I heard that there was a task that involved watermelons in the latest episode of Taskmaster on Channel 4. There was a watermelon challenge in the very first episode, back in 2015, when the challenge was won by Frank Skinner.


News: Adam Buxton, Frank Skinner, Richard Herring Confirmed For Chortle Comedy Book Festival Powered by NextUp

The Chortle Comedy Book Festival is returning for its 6th event and is partnering with NextUp, the worldwide subscription video-on-demand platform specialising in stand-up, to stream the event live during the pandemic.


News: Richard Herring Gets Close To Kickstarter Total – Donate Here

Update - target now reached, but do keep donating...

Comedian Richard Herring is getting close to raising the £20,000 he is asking for to make more podcasts about...stone clearing.

At the time of writing Herring has 33 hours to raise the final £520. If he doesn't reach the total he doesn't receive anything at all. 

You can also donate after he has reached the total.


News: Buy Tickets For Save Live Comedy Gig With Ed Byrne, Jen Brister, Richard Herring And Many More

Yes, you read that right. Following the easing of lockdown restrictions to allow indoor performances that followed strict guidelines this online fundraiser allowed a hundred lucky comedy fans into the venue last Sunday. And following the success of that gig they will be letting a few more in this time on August 23. It's real comedy with a real audience inside a real venue. Almost like old times and certainly the best you can hope for at the moment. The line-up is pretty damn good too. 

News: Richard Herring Writes International Men's Day Book

Richard Herring is writing a book prompted by his annual Twitter responses to men asking when is International Men's Day.

The Problem with Men: When is it International Men’s Day? (and why it matters) is published by Sphere on November 5. An audio book will also be available.

Every year on International Women's Day sexist trolls ask this question on social media and Herring has taken it upon himself to spend the day patiently answering every enquiry.



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