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News: UK Tour for Award Winner John Kearns

The only winner of both the Best Show and Best Newcomer Edinburgh Comedy Awards, John Kearns is taking his new bold, funny and thought-provoking show, directed by Jon Brittain, on tour in 2018 after a successful sold out run at the Soho Theatre. The tour starts on January 28 in Coventry and ends on May 27 in Wells.


News: Leeds Comedy Festival Line-Up Announced

The line-up has been announced for the Leeds Comedy Festival, which runs from Tuesday, May 30 to Sunday, June 11.

The festival started small in Leeds’ Cultural Quarter four years ago and has gone on to increase capacity year on year with huge and exciting names in the world of stand-up making their way to the city. This year over 50 comedians will be appearing in multiple city centre venues 

TV: Top Coppers, BBC3

It’s the old case of double trouble this week, when Mitch Rust’s evil identical twin Vince escapes from Justice City’s penitentiary and decides to steal the Mayor’s most precious football sticker.

And that, in a cotton-picking nutshell, is all you need to know about the plot. John Kearns does his own twist on the Tom Hardy-like two-pronged performance as both Rust twins. Only a tell-tale tattoo above his exquisitely filmed chubby bum crack separates them.

TV Review: Top Coppers, BBC3

This broadcasting network ain’t big enough for two crime-cracking spoofs starring the cream of the current comedy crop. That must be the reason why Top Coppers has taken a while to appear – it was originally scheduled to go out around the same time as Murder In Successville, but the wait for this one has been worth it.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho

Like the real-life person that inspired this fictional version, Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho is something of a phenomenon. This show started off as a small fringe thing and later this month it has a run at the Leicester Square Theatre. It is a catchy all-singing, all-dancing alternative comedy version of the late-PM's time in office that I don't think she ever envisaged – somehow she becomes a gay icon. You will have to buy a ticket to find out how.


News: John Kearns Starts Filming BBC Series

Filming has started on the new BBC3 comedy Top Coppers, starring 2014 Foster’s Award winner John Kearns and Best Newcomer nominee Steen Raskopoulos.

The six-part series due to be broadcast later this year is a spoof police series featuring the finest and weirdest detectives in the Justice City Police Department - Mitch Rust (Kearns) and John Mahogany (Raskopoulos).  


Review: John Kearns, Soho Theatre, W1

If you have never been to a comedy gig before John Kearns is not the best place to start. His new set, Shtick, may have won the Foster’s Award for Best Show in Edinburgh in August but this work is very much for people who see a lot of comedy and crave something with a stronger flavour.


Review: Twisted Loaf, Soho Theatre, W1

I have watched shows from some strange places in the past, but this was the first time I had to watch the first ten minutes through a crack in the door. Having arrived one minute late for Twisted Loaf's show Half-Baked I had to wait for a suitable break to nip in. Once in I felt I should have watched the rest of this weird, discombobulating, occasionally sexy and frequently disturbing set through a crack in my hands.

Opinion: John Kearns – The Early Years

Jack De'Ath, of comedy promoters Laugh Out London, was one of the people who identified the oddball talents of Foster's Award winner John Kearns before he received much wider public acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival and beyond. In this piece, first published on the Laugh Out London website, De'Ath remembers the early anarchic, chaotic gigs.


Opinion: When The Audience Doesn't Get The Joke

It’s been a funny week when it comes to getting the joke. On Wednesday night I went to the first night of the Greenwich Comedy Festival. The perfect-looking National Maritime Museum, by the way, must be one of the most beautiful, most symmetrical places that a comedy tent has ever been pitched.


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