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Preview: New Sitcom – Tony Law: 21st Century Adventurer

Fearless adventurer Tony Law leads an intrepid team attempting to recover the Lost Girdle of the Amazons. 

Tony Law is a celebrity explorer, in the mould of Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Several years ago, he wrote a book about his adventures which, combined with the proceeds from a handful of specially funded expeditions, has bankrolled his operation ever since. He's a big fan of razzle-dazzle and derring do, a man who wants to be perceived as a hero.


Live Review: Tony Law and Friends in The Battle for Icetopia, Alexandra Palace

Wearing shorts, kneepads and an ice hockey top, Tony Law is muscular, masculine and hilarious in a role that brings a whole new physical element to his comedy.


News: Comedian Makes Edinburgh History

As well as performing his own daily show at The Stand during the Edinburgh Festival, comedian Tony Law is giving a lucky few people a guided tour around some of Edinburgh’s historical sites.

Being a history expert and self-declared time traveller Law will be leading tourists around the city for a one-off special on August 8 starting at 10am. 


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Tony Law

Tony Law has been a cult comic for too long. It's about time he broke big. And maybe this is his year. He picked up an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination a few years back and is probably better and more focussed than ever now. The self-appointed "maverick truth slinger of ridiculousness for the people" is zany, madcap, whimsical, all those things, but most importantly, truly funny from tee to green.

News: New Sitcom For Tony Law

Comedian Tony Law is recording a sitcom for BBC Radio 4.

The award-nominated comic stars as a brash, fearless explorer in 21st Century Adventurer. It is written by John-Luke Roberts and Gareth Gwynn and co-stars Nina Wadia (Goodness Gracious Me) and Adjoa Andoh (Doctor Who).

It is being recorded on Monday, June 19 at the BBC Radio Theatre. You can apply for tickets here.


News: Machfest Comes To Manchester

The Manchester International Festival has announced its 2017 programme today. Among the live events the Machynlleth Comedy Festival will be coming to the northern city for the first time. 

In a programme produced by Manchester International Festival in association with Machynlleth Comedy Festival a number of comedians including Sara Pascoe, Mark Watson and tony Law will be playing intimate gigs in the city over the weekend of July 7 - 9.

Live Review: Angel Comedy Club Opening Night With Nish Kumar, Tony Law, Tom Rosenthal, Yuriko Kotani, Jamali Maddix, Jarred Christmas

Every now and again I receive Facebook comments from circuit comedians telling me that I spend all my time swanning in and out of the Soho Theatre and the Eventim Apollo and don’t experience what it is like at the pub-based comedy club grass roots level. Well last night I did go to a comedy club in a pub, but to be perfectly honest the acts were so good and the atmosphere so conducive to comedy that I suspect I still don’t know what it is like at the coal face. Good sight lines, good air-conditioning, good audience, good acts.

Live Review: Tony Law, Leicester Square Theatre

Sometimes there is a thin line between watching a stand-up comedy gig and watching somebody have a mental meltdown onstage. The latest show from Tony Law, A Law Undo His-elf What Welcome, feels like one of those occasions. Certainly last night anyway. This was the kind of lunacy that should either win awards or prompt someone to call a doctor.

News: Radio 4 Series for Tony Law

Further to the unveiling of a raft of new Radio 4 comedies earlier this week, there is one more new show that the BBC did not include in its announcement and it is a good one.

The new show stars award-winning comic Tony Law and is called Tony Law: Canada’s Premier Adventurer. It is a brand new sitcom in which the eccentric Canadian stand-up plays a celebrity explorer.


Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Tony Law

Tony Law was always a funny comedian. But it was when he started messing with his facial hair that things really took off. It was in 2012 when he was rocking his pre-hipster 1908 arctic explorer facial hair that he was nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award for the freewheeling Maximum Nonsense. Since then some could say that he has been treading absurdist water, but when the absurdist water is this funny who gives a hoot? And there are always surprises too. A few Who lyrics perhaps. Or a frilly jump suit and trombone.


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