Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Bridget Christie

Bridget Christie

As Edinburgh previews go, this one is pretty unmissable. To draw a topical analogy it’s a bit like Spain playing a pre-World Cup friendly, but with more laughs. Christie won the Foster’s Comedy Award in 2013 with A Bic For Her and follows it up this year with An Ungrateful Woman. Tonight's show at the Camden Head, however, is still very much a work-in-progress. I heard through an acquaintance that there might be something about Michael Gove in the show but whether that will make the final cut remains to be seen. What we can be reasonably sure of is that this latest set will be sharp, funny, will involve true stories and will probably be quite silly but also with a serious point. Christie might bang on about being an angry feminist but she does it in the wittiest way, which also happens to be the most powerful way when it comes to getting your message across. Of course, unlike the World Cup you can only win the Foster’s Award once, which takes some, but not all, of the pressure off. Christie is joined in this double-header of champions by Foster’s Best Newcomer John Kearns, previewing his new show. This one may well sell out in advance, but there may be returns on the door. And more about Kearns anon... 

Bridget Christie is at The Stand from August 2 - 25. Tickets here.

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