Yuriko Kotani

Live Review: Angel Comedy Club Opening Night With Nish Kumar, Tony Law, Tom Rosenthal, Yuriko Kotani, Jamali Maddix, Jarred Christmas

Every now and again I receive Facebook comments from circuit comedians telling me that I spend all my time swanning in and out of the Soho Theatre and the Eventim Apollo and don’t experience what it is like at the pub-based comedy club grass roots level. Well last night I did go to a comedy club in a pub, but to be perfectly honest the acts were so good and the atmosphere so conducive to comedy that I suspect I still don’t know what it is like at the coal face. Good sight lines, good air-conditioning, good audience, good acts.

Live Review: New Comedian of the Year, Leicester Square Theatre

Tis the season to win comedy competitions in London. There was a final last weekend, this one this weekend and at least two more next weekend. By the end of December if you haven’t won a competition maybe you need to have a rethink or work harder. 


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