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Video: New Game No More Jockeys From Mark Watson, Alex Horne, Tim Key

Here's a new game created by Mark Watson, Tim Key and Alex Horne that you can play at home.

On each turn, players name a person plus a category they fall under. That person and category are then eliminated, and subsequent people must not fall under that category. As more categories are added it gets harder, and eventually impossible, to name anyone new.

See how well you can do...

News: Mark Watson Completes 24 Hour Marathon Gig

Comedian Mark Watson has completed his 24-hour marathon online gig, raising over £38,000 in the process.

The show, streamed on Twitch, started at 9pm on Friday evening and concluded on Saturday night. During that time Watson was joined for gigs, stunts and chats by umpteen familiar comedy faces.


News: All Star Marathon Series And Marathon Gig From Mark Watson

Comedian Mark Watson has announced his latest project - a series about marathons to tie in with the London marathon and a marathon gig.


News: UK Tour For Mark Watson

After spending last year being cluster-bombed with yoghurt on 'Taskmaster' and half-killed by Bear Grylls, multi award-winning Mark Watson returns with a UK National Tour doing what he's best at: being indoors.


News: Mark Watson Has Some Bad Ideas

Mark Watson has come up with a new idea for this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And it's a bad one.

The premise of Mark Watson’s Festival Of Bad Ideas came about when Mark asked a range of top class comedians, ‘What is your bad idea? What show would you like to put on, but never dare?’

Now, one per night, they attempt these projects.


News: Mark Watson & Shazia Mirza Join C4's Celebrity Island

Comedians Mark Watson and Shazia Mirza are among the ten celebrities in the next series of The Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. They will have to endure four weeks surviving in one of the toughest environments on earth, leaving behind their friends, family, mobile phones and social media accounts.

The series has been filmed during May. At the start of the month Watson tweeted: "I am not on Twitter until June 2, because of a SECRET PROJECT. When I'm back, I hope you will have solved all the problems."

News: Machfest Comes To Manchester

The Manchester International Festival has announced its 2017 programme today. Among the live events the Machynlleth Comedy Festival will be coming to the northern city for the first time. 

In a programme produced by Manchester International Festival in association with Machynlleth Comedy Festival a number of comedians including Sara Pascoe, Mark Watson and tony Law will be playing intimate gigs in the city over the weekend of July 7 - 9.

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Mark Watson

I’m not quite sure why Mark Watson isn’t a bigger star. He is a classic, nervy, neurotic stand-up enraged by life's little things and also a master improvisor who is great at spontaneous crowd banter, sometimes doing it while standing in the crowd himself. Watson does like to shake things up a bit in his live shows. Apart from his now legendary marathon sets, he often pops up in the stalls. It’s not intimidating or the kind of thing to make your bum going all tight when he approaches. Watson is friendly and welcoming.


News: Mark Watson Announces Mega-Tour

Mark Watson has announced the follow-up to his last show Flaws. Watson goes on a 69-date tour with I’m Not Here, starting in Aldershot on March 2, 2016. Tickets will be released for pre-sale with See Tickets on Monday 14th September and go on general sale on Friday 18th September.


News: Join Comedian In The Toilet

Comedian Mark Watson is doing a secret gig in a toilet. And you could join him. 

To celebrate the seventeenth annual Gut Week (31 August – 6 September), Watson is performing a set in the toilets of the London Wonderground on the South Bank on Tuesday 1 September at 11am. He is gigging there to highlight the importance of breaking the ‘Poo Taboo’. 



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