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News: Tony Law 2016 Tour – More Dates Confirmed

Multi award-winning comedian Tony Law is back on tour in 2016. He will be taking his Edinburgh hit Frillemorphesis around the UK, starting in Aldershot on January 28 and finished in Glasgow on March 11.


News: Tony Law & Alex Horne Confirmed For Barnard Castle Festival

Tony Law and Alex Horne have been confirmed as the first two major guests playing the inaugural Barnard Castle Festival. The Festival will take place in the County Durham town on July 18. 

Law will be performing his brand new show, dubbed Nonsense in Progress, while Horne will be performing an extended version of his 2014 Foster's Award-nominated show Monsieur Butterfly.

Six shows will take place throughout the day in the venue's main hall, with regular intervals so punters can take in the local amenities

Review: Tony Law, Soho Theatre

Tony Law has always been a bit of a loon. It's just that the rest of the world finally seems to have caught up with him. Having picked up a Foster's Award nomination in 2012 he has consolidated his position as the go-to guy for onstage ridiculousness with his subsequent two shows.

Opinion: When The Audience Doesn't Get The Joke

It’s been a funny week when it comes to getting the joke. On Wednesday night I went to the first night of the Greenwich Comedy Festival. The perfect-looking National Maritime Museum, by the way, must be one of the most beautiful, most symmetrical places that a comedy tent has ever been pitched.

News: New Comedy Magazine Launches

New Comedy Magazine Stand & Deliver has just been launched. Issue 1 costs £5 plus postage and features Tony Law on the cover. It also features quite a lot of Tony Law inside. An interview with him, some of his doodles and a children’s story written by Law.

That’s not all though. The magazine also includes a piece on comedy in Germany, a piece on dressing up in comedy and a comedians’ guide to festivals. Other comedians featured include Seymour Mace, Matt Roper, Gavin Webster and Jojo Smith.


Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Tony Law

Putting the right show together for the Edinburgh Fringe is no walk in the park. Ask Tony Law. He has been coming to the Fringe ever since before I could grow facial hair. He tried all sorts. He did solo shows and a conceptual triple act with Craig Campbell and Dan Antopolski, but things only really fell into place when he came up with Maximum Nonsense two years ago.


News: London Club Goes Free

London comedy promoters We Love Comedy have decided to turn their clubs into free nights. WLC puts on gigs in venues in East London, Islington and Balham, but has been struggling to attract large audiences for a while now so has opted for an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" tactic.


Preview: The Week Ahead Dec 22 - 29

If you are looking for laughs this week the comedy circuit has not quite shut down for the holidays. There is plenty to enjoy at the Soho Theatre, where Tony Law continues his run of Nonsense Overdrive. This hour of nuttiness is maybe not quite as well-crafted as his 2012 breakthrough show Maximum Nonsense, but it is still a fine introduction to one of the most beautifully off-kilter minds in modern comedy.

Preview: The Week Ahead Dec 1 - 7

It is both pleasing and intriguing when a distinctive comedian that you have liked for years suddenly starts to gain wider acceptance. This has definitely happened to Tony Law since he was nominated for a Foster's Award in 2012. Pleasing because he is brilliant, intriguing because there was a time when I thought that Law was way too left field for television with his surreal riffs and 1908 Arctic explorer chic. But it has all fallen into place and he seems to be perfectly at home next to Noel Fielding on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Opinion: Keeping It Real By Keeping It Small

Everybody must surely have a fantasy version of what the perfect stand-up comedy gig would be. This is mine. A smart, funny comedian sets up shop in London somewhere. A small club, where instead of doing a one-night stand they can settle into a relaxed run and play regularly to appreciative audiences.


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