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News: Stewart Lee Turns DJ

Comedian Stewart Lee stood in for Stuart Maconie and presented the BBC6 programme Freak Zone last night. During the show Lee played tracks by some of his favourite bands including Midlands post-punk outfit The Nightingales, prog-rockers Henry Cow and jazz legend John Coltrane.


TV Comedy 2016

While researching up-and-coming TV comedies for 2015, Beyond the Joke also came across some other projects and proposals for 2016. As far as we know these have not been revealed elsewhere, though we can't imagine why as some of these sound like definite ratings-grabbers...





Get Lee to a Nunnery 


Opinion: The Couldn't Give A Shit Schtick

I turned on the radio yesterday afternoon and heard a comedian telling people not to go to his gig. It was James Acaster on Radio 5 and while he was there ostensibly to plug his extended Soho Theatre run, you could almost hear the cogs in his brain whirring as he suddenly realised that with the DJ bigging him up so much he might be attracting gangs of Doreen-from-accounts-in-deely-boppers drunken Christmas office parties to his show.

Preview: The Comedy Week Ahead – Nov 24 - Dec 1

This is one of those weeks when the comedy circuit is relatively quiet for a few days and then it suddenly goes off with a bang. If you want to catch comedy during the week the best places are the Soho Theatre where Sara Pascoe and Sam Simmons are highly recommended. 

Preview: The Comedy Week Ahead – Nov 10 - 16

Joseph Morpurgo is very much a comic on the way up. He’s part of the new wave of idiosyncratic Invisible Dot performers along with Liam Williams and Natasha Demetriou who are due for a big break. Morpurgo’s latest show is definitely a step in the right direction. Odessa is a multi-media comic noir thriller in which he plays all the characters, from cops to criminals. He even plays some TV interference, which is one of the highlights.

News: Stewart Lee Joins UKIP Debate

Stewart Lee has now entered the current debate on comedy, politics and political correctness with an article in the Guardian concerning the ‘politically correct comedy clique’ which is said to be targeting UKIP. 


News: Comedy Snobbery Book Launched

To mark the publication of Comedy and Distinction: The Cultural Currency of a “Good” Sense of Humour, the London School Of Economics Sociology Department is holding a book launch.

News: Producer Bans Critics From Gigs

Producer David Johnson has written that he is banning Telegraph comedy critics from his upcoming gigs. This follows the publication of the five "best jokes" at the recent Laughing Point charity gig on the Telegraph website.

Opinion: Calculating The Value Of A Comedy Gig

There has been a lot of coverage in the past few days about the comedy club in Barcelona where they are trying out a pay-per-laugh policy. There are a few things that bother me about this. Apart form the fact that I have no earthly idea how it is going to work. Presumably some kind of camera has to be trained on the face? What if the comedy fan is wearing a niqab?

Review: Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee & More, Palace Theatre

It is hard to believe but there have been mutterings of a Daniel Kitson backlash. His latest theatre piece, Analog.Ue was not greeted by the usual ecstatic reviews. Maybe - though I fully expect he would deny it – that is why he has been getting back to his first love of stand-up recently, compering a number of benefits with a few more in the pipeline. This really is what he does best. As he jokily boasted onstage at the Palace Theatre last night, he is, after all, the finest comedian of his generation. 


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