Museum of Comedy

News: Stewart Lee Becomes Museum Exhibit

Stewart Lee is to perform at the Museum of Comedy for the first time later this year.

This will be the first time Lee has performed at the intimate Bloomsbury venue, which also includes artefacts from comedy history including Tommy Cooper's magic trick props and Max Miller's suit. He has regularly performed at the Leicester Square Theatre which is programmed by the same comedy fan, Martin Witts. The ticket price also includes a chance to explore the museum's historic exhibits.

Review: Just Like That! – The Tommy Cooper Show, Museum of Comedy

I arrived a little late for Just Like That! but I soon worked out what was going on. I had originally assumed that this was a revival of the play by John Fisher about Tommy Cooper’s life that ran in the West End a few years back. In fact it is a more straightforward trick-by-trick tribute to the comedian famous for his fumbling manner and his fez.

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