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Preview: Stand Up for Street Child Benefit, Cambridge Theatre

I don't know how this upcoming unmissable gig passed me by until now.

The line-up for Stand Up For Street Child on May 9 at the Cambridge Theatre reads like a class register of some of my favourites acts. If you've got shred of comedy taste they should be some of your favourites too. Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Elis James, Isy Suttie, Kevin Eldon and Nick Helm barely need an introduction, but here you go.

TV: Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, BBC2, Episode 6 – Childhood

There was a point during Stewart Lee’s final Comedy Vehicle when I thought I could see the cogs moving. I thought I’d cracked it and knew what he was doing. And then he went and pulled the rug and dismantled the comedy process further, going out in excellent style. I’m not sure if we should be analysing this show though. As he persists in saying to speccy interrogator Chris Morris, De-Niro-in-Deer-Hunter style, “this is this”. 


TV Review: Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, BBC2, Episode 5 – Migrants

One thing in particular intrigues me about Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. It felt as if he was doing warm-ups and works-in-progress for this series for at least a year in advance around the UK. I assumed that this was to get every phrase, every comma, every pause in the right place. And then along comes episode 5 and, unless he is pulling the wool over the liberal intelligentsia’s eyes and engages plants and stooges like a hack magician, he frequently seems to be winging it here.


Review: Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, BBC2, Episode 4 – Death

Conspiracy theorists can have a field day with the fact that in some places episode four was billed as The Migrant Crisis. In fact our stand-up sage-cum-holy-fool is here to guide us through his thoughts on death this time. Did it change or did someone get it wrong? More pertinently, however, the show is a return to top form after a spot of water-treading last week.


TV: Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, BBC2, Episode 3 – Patriotism

The most interesting point Stewart Lee makes in the third episode of his current series, subtitled ‘Patriotism’, comes at the start when he talks about the biggest problem the modern satirist faces. The news is in such flux, says Lee, it is hard to get a handle on it for comedy. And if Lee is having that problem, spare a thought for lesser mortals out there trying to monetize their social commentary.


TV: Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, BBC2, Episode 2 – Islamophobia

Warning. This episode contains skipping. Sure enough, Lee suckered his TV viewers in last week with a relatively benign look at the nature of modern comedy and a few cheeky swipes at his fellow entertainers. This week he goes for the jugular, addressing the more tricky question of the rise of Islamophobia and the acceptability of jokes about religion.


TV: Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, BBC2

Stewart Lee has said that nobody is competent to review him. It’s a sentiment he echoes early on in the first episode of his new six-part BBC2 series. So after thinking about doing something more useful with my time I decided to have a go. Does he mean it? It’s a remark like a lot of remarks in this episode. They can be taken as face value, they can be taken as a wry postmodern joke. Or maybe both. It's a very layered show, that's for sure. Not so much a comedy vehicle as a comedy Viennetta.


News: Stewart Lee Becomes Museum Exhibit

Stewart Lee is to perform at the Museum of Comedy for the first time later this year.

This will be the first time Lee has performed at the intimate Bloomsbury venue, which also includes artefacts from comedy history including Tommy Cooper's magic trick props and Max Miller's suit. He has regularly performed at the Leicester Square Theatre which is programmed by the same comedy fan, Martin Witts. The ticket price also includes a chance to explore the museum's historic exhibits.

News: Stewart Lee Confirms Date For New Series of Comedy Vehicle

Comedian and columnist Stewart Lee has confirmed the transmission date for the next series of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle on BBC2.

Writing on his Facebook page Lee posted the following:

"Stewart Lee returns to television with series four of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle.

The first episode will air at 10pm on Thursday 3rd March on BBC Two.


News: Stewart Lee To Compere Folk Tribute

Stewart Lee is to compere a night at the South Bank Centre paying tribute to folk legend Shirley Collins.



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