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Live Review: Battersea Arts Centre Phoenix Fundraiser, RFH

The fire at Battersea Arts Centre on Friday, March 13 may have been devastating, but you can rely on comedians to find the funny side. Last night’s sold out benefit at the Royal Festival Hall kicked off with Stewart Lee, who came on to a live rendition of Burning Down The House played by Kneehigh Theatre’s band. 

News: Bafta TV Nominations for Stewart Lee, Wrong Mans & Mrs Brown

The Wrong Mans, Detectorists, Harry & Paul’s Story of the Twos and Moone Boy are the nominations for Best Scripted Comedy in the Bafta TV Awards, announced today.

The Best Female performance in a comedy programme is between Olivia Colman for Rev, Tamsin Greig for Episodes, Jessica Hynes for W1A and Catherine Tate for Catherine Tate’s Nan.

Opinion: How To Get Your Edinburgh Show Reviewed

A lot has been said recently in comedy circles about Chortle’s announcement that it promises to review any Edinburgh Fringe show that spends at least £250 on advertising. This happened to coincide with people asking me how I go about choosing what shows to review during the Festival.

Opinion: Comedy Central Comedy: The Sequel

It’s the innocuous opinion pieces that seem to get me into the most hot water. Last Friday I wrote about the fact that Comedy Central UK was making a stand-up series fronted by Russell Howard, Russell Howard’s Stand Up Central, but was no longer making The Alternative Comedy Experience, the show curated by Stewart Lee. 

Opinion: Russell Howard 1 Stewart Lee 0

A couple of years ago I interviewed Stewart Lee in Comedy Central UK’s offices off Oxford Street. He was promoting the Alternative Comedy Experience which was about to start and give airtime to comedians who didn’t fit into the shiny floored Live at the Apollo template such as Josie Long and Simon Munnery.

News: (Stewart) Lee Writes Intro For Book On Lee (Hazlewood)

Stewart Lee has written an introduction to a forthcoming book about legendary musician Lee Hazlewood. Lee, Myself & I, by Berlin-based journalist Wyndham Wallace, is due to be published on May 19 by Jawbone Press and is subtitled Inside The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood.


News: Daniel Kitson Joins Iron Maiden (Against Secondary Ticketing)

Daniel Kitson has shown support for Iron Maiden's campaign to outlaw secondary ticketing. This follows Stewart Lee's support for the fight against inflated pricing last week.

News: Stewart Lee Attacks Ticket Pricing

Comedian Stewart Lee has attacked ticket agencies who, he claims, are charging up to £99 for tickets to his Room With A Stew tour.

In an article entitled Run To The Hills on his website, Lee has written that "As you may have noticed Stub Hub, Viagogo and E-bay have been touting tickets for the current Room With A Stew Tour at up to £99, a nearly 400% mark-up on seats, many of which are in publicly subsidised venues, the utter bastards."


News: Mark Thomas Presents First Linda Smith Lecture

Comedian Mark Thomas is to present the inaugural Linda Smith Lecture at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury on May 12. The talk is being put on by The British Stand-Up Comedy Archive as part of a series of events this year. Thomas was a long-time friend and colleague of Smith, who died in 2006. Both of them have memorabilia from their careers stored in the archive at the University of Kent.

Opinion: Never Make Friends With A Comedian

After I posted a story yesterday about Stewart Lee standing in for Stuart Maconie on BBC6’s Freak Zone, it was pointed out to me that Lee had previously been critical of Maconie in his 2008 show 41st Best Stand-Up Ever. Lee was putting the boot into talking head pundits-for-hire and mentioned that Maconie, for a fee, can recall any aspect of human experience.



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