Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Stewart Lee

These are dark days indeed. David Bowie dead, Brexit and the BBC not recommissioning Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. It is precisely at times like this that we need Lee on a major mainstream platform. I wouldn’t say he is a voice of reason or a voice of sanity, but he has a way of nailing a subject like nobody else. He is the anti-John Oliver, circling around a topic and firing multiple arrows at it rather than taking a blunderbus to it. This was what made Comedy Vehicle so good, the way he took a subject like migrants and exposed the gaping holes in anti-immigration arguments. With no new TV series to hone, these work-in-progress dates will build to a new touring show after Edinburgh. If you can’t get a ticket spend the money on his new book, Content Provider instead, which is published in August and pulls together some of his best writing plus the usual pedantic Lee footnotes.

Stewart Lee is at Soho Theatre intermittently. Tickets and that sort of thing here. Then at The Stand from Aug 5 - 28, tickets here.


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