Richard Herring

News: David Baddiel adds dates

David Baddiel's first Edinburgh run since 1998 is proving to be the hit of the Fringe. His show, Fame: Not The Musical, has garnered rave reviews across the board and he has just announced two extra afternoon shows on Aug 10 & 11. Ticket details here.

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Richard Herring

If you want to get an idea of the sheer sweat, graft and toil that goes into preparing an Edinburgh Fringe show you should follow Richard Herring's daily Warming Up blog at the moment. As well as talking wittily about life in general he entertainingly charts the struggle to get to his preview gigs, the difficult audiences and, most importantly, he also dissects his set as it evolves.

Review: Richard Herring's Leicester Square Podcast with Stephen Fry

Michael Parkinson eat your heart out. Roll over Graham Norton and tell Alan Carr the news. Richard Herring's "Stephen Fry in suicide attempt" scoop has shown that the biggest stories are not always stage managed and released to the media as part of a strategy worked out with military precision.

News: Free DVD From Richard Herring – And Lewis Schaffer!

Update 17/6 – Following Richard Herring's innovative, generous Edinburgh Fringe offer below, serial maverick Lewis Schaffer has decided to get in on the act and has just made the following announcement:

Preview: The Week Ahead April 8 - 14

I was a little worried when I heard that Harry Hill was going back on the road after eight years away. Would it be a case of a deluded boxer returning to the ring thinking he could still cut it? Would it be like Bjorn Borg making his comeback with an old wooden tennis racquet? I didn't need to worry. I saw Hill's Sausage Time spectacular – and spectacular is the only word for it – on its first night in London a few weeks ago and, if anything, the lunacy was sharper than ever.

Opinion: The Chortle Awards – Safe But Sound

When the fifth Chortle Award winner was announced last night and Pappy's won best Character or Sketch Act I received a sharp nudge in the ribs from my partner as she said "you know the results already don't you." I explained that I had been on the panel that chose the nominees, so they were educated, informed guesses, but the winners were chosen by readers of Chortle so ultimately any nominated name could have come out of Chortlemeister Steve Bennett's hat.

Classic Interview: Lee & Herring

It's amazing what you can find when you go rummaging around in your cellar. This feature on Richard Herring and Stewart Lee appeared in Vox (a monthly magazine from the NME's publishers) in May 1995 to tie in with the first TV series of Fist of Fun on BBC2 and was one of the first comedy features I wrote (excuse the clunky bits). It is a real Blue Peter-style time capsule, interesting for all sorts of reasons.

Opinion: Small is Beautiful

It started, appropriately enough, as a joke. In autumn 2007 I was writing a review for the Evening Standard and I moaned about how difficult it was becoming to find a parking space in the centre of London. I concluded by suggesting that soon the closest space I might get would be outside my house in South London. A few days later I received a cheeky email from promoter Tom Searle, the bowl-haired whizzkid behind an organisation called Laughter in Odd Places.


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