Richard Herring

News: Richard Herring To Appear At Performance Art Festival

Richard Herring has been invited to appear at a festival celebrating “performance art and noise art”.

The comedian will be performing his Me1 Vs Me2 snooker match against himself that has become something of a cult podcast. Herring joked* on his blog that: “I am one step closer to the Turner Prize.”


News: Richard Herring/Rachel Stubbings Film Wins Award

A British independent short film starring comedians Richard Herring and Rachel Stubbings has won an award at a Paris Film Festival.

While You Were Away, directed by Ben Mallaby and written by Gabriel Miller, picked up the Audience Award at ECU 2016.


News: Richard Herring Sketch Show Details Announced

Following the successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the filming of his new sketch series, Richard Herring has announced dates and line-up for the return of As It Occurs To Me.

The new As It Occurs To Me will reunite the cast who appeared in the original podcast recordings between 2009 and 2011 – Dan Tetsell, Emma Kennedy and Christian Reilly.


News: Richard Herring Hits His £100,000 Kickstarter Target

Richard Herring has managed to raise £100,000 via Kickstarter to film a new series of his sketch show As It Occurs To Me.


News: Richard Herring Kickstarter Campaign Approaches Halfway Stage

Richard Herring is currently raising money through Kickstarter to fund the filming of a new series of As It Occurs To Me. This was the stand-up/sketch show podcast which he previously performed between 2009 and 2011. All the material for each show was written in the week of broadcast, based on things that occurred to Richard, either events from his life or things he'd been thinking about. The cast back then included Dan Tetsell, Emma Kennedy and Christian Reilly.


Live Review: Richard Herring, Leicester Square Theatre

Richard Herring has been developing his new show, Happy Now? for a while. An embryonic version of it was performed last summer when he did all of his past shows in one epic run at the Leicester Square Theatre. So it’s interesting that the show isn't about quite what I initially thought it was going to be about. 


News: Pub Landlord, Richard Herring, Reg Hunter & More for Henley Festival

Al Murray, Richard Herring & Reg Hunter are among the comedy stars appearing at this year's Henley Festival, which runs from July 6 - 10.

News: Richard Herring Tour Dates Announced

After years of drifting aimlessly and alone, Richard Herring is now settled with a wife and a tiny baby. Is he finally Happy Now? Or does responsibility for the lives of others come with its own terrors? In his twelfth solo stand up show, Herring examines whether we can ever hope to be or are meant to be truly content. If we were never unhappy would happiness have any meaning?


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Richard Herring

Podcast pioneer, purveyor of plays, stand-up comedian. Richard Herring's work ethic is enviable. This year he became a father and decided not to do Edinburgh but did he take his foot off the gas? Hardly. Instead he did a run of 12 shows in London reviving his last eleven full-length shows and then adding a new one, Happy Now? on the end. After tackling men's tackle in Talking Cock, the Bible in Christ on a Bike, death in We’re All Going To Die!


Podcast Review: Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast with Bridget Christie

Richard Herring’s latest podcast comes complete with an elephant in the room. Unless I missed it his interview with Bridget Christie doesn’t contain any mention of her “fictional husband”, aka Herring’s comedy partner Stewart Lee. 

This felt like a strange unexplained – as I said, unless I missed it – omission. If anyone is in a position to discuss Christie’s relationship with Lee and do a bit of a compare-and-contrast it is Herring.



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