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Preview: The Comedy Week Ahead – Dec 1 - Dec 7

Talk about a perfect storm. If you are a comedy fan in London tonight (Monday) you really are spoilt for choice. It’s one of those days where everything seems to be happening at once. Luckily some of these shows are extended runs, so if you work out your calender with military precision and can afford it, you might be able to get to a few of these.

Review: Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast with Steve Coogan

Richard Herring is back with an autumn run of podcasts recorded, as the title gives away, at the Leicester Square Theatre. So far he has interviewed Mark Gatiss, Brendon Burns and James Acaster, but the most noteworthy one of the current season is Steve Coogan, which came out this week on audio and on YouTube and is both funny and informative.

Opinion: Comedy's Guilty Pleasures

In music in recent years there has been the phenomenon of Guilty Pleasures. Songs that deep down in your heart you know that you should hate, but somehow you can’t get the tune out of your head. Romesh Ranganathan has a prime example of this in his current show when he talks about how he thinks the lyrics of Blurred Lines are rapey, but the rhythm just makes you want to jiggle your body.


News: Richard Herring Announces UK Tour

Richard Herring has announced a UK tour for his latest show, Lord of the Dance Settee, following a successful Edinburgh run. The tour officially starts on October 15, 2014 in Manchester and ends on May 29, 2015 in Redhill. The tour includes six consecutive nights at London’s Leicester Square Theatre from Monday December 1.


Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Robin Ince

This could be an interesting show. Dammit, it will be an interesting show. The first time I saw Robin Ince he wasn't onstage, he was voting at the same polling station as me in the 1997 General Election. The next time I saw him he was supporting a relatively youthful Ricky Gervais and being slightly smutty in a schoolboyish way. At some point in the last decade Ince found a new voice. A questioning, philosophical one. I guess I first noticed this rebirth when he created the Book Club in the mid-noughties.


News: Rik Mayall Post-Mortem Inconclusive

A post-mortem into Rik Mayall's sudden death last Monday has proved inconclusive. According to the West London Coroner's Office further tests are required.

There has been speculation that Mayall's death may be connected to the near-fatal quad bike accident he was involved in in 1998. Mayall recovered and returned to work but did have to take medication. 

Preview: The Week Ahead June 2 - 8

Mark Thomas has spent much of the last year winding people up with his provocative 100 Acts of Minor Dissent project. It was a hugely ambitious concept that he didn’t know if he would complete – in fact at one point a stressed-out Thomas told me he wished he’d called it “52 Acts of Minor Dissent" instead. But he did finish it, which was lucky, because he had promised to pay UKIP £1000 if he didn’t.

Preview: The Week Ahead May 19 - 25

I’ve seen Abandoman loads of times over the years. At the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year, in a tent in Greenwich, at the Altitude Festival and elsewhere and they have never failed to be entertaining. Rob Broderick’s improvised raps always raise a laugh. His rhymes may not always be absolutely spot-on but let’s face it, could you come up with off-the-cuff couplets off the top of your head in front of a packed house for an hour? No? Thought not.


TV Review: 24 Hours To Go Broke, Dave

Is it decadent post-imperialist arrogance or dicking about in the name of entertaining telly? That was my first thought when I started watching 24 Hours To Go Broke, Dave’s latest comedy travelogue series in which celebrities – mostly comedians – visit various parts of the world with a suitcase full of bank notes and have to spend them in a day or face a horrible forfeit.


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