Richard Herring

News: Rik Mayall Post-Mortem Inconclusive

A post-mortem into Rik Mayall's sudden death last Monday has proved inconclusive. According to the West London Coroner's Office further tests are required.

There has been speculation that Mayall's death may be connected to the near-fatal quad bike accident he was involved in in 1998. Mayall recovered and returned to work but did have to take medication. 

Preview: The Week Ahead June 2 - 8

Mark Thomas has spent much of the last year winding people up with his provocative 100 Acts of Minor Dissent project. It was a hugely ambitious concept that he didn’t know if he would complete – in fact at one point a stressed-out Thomas told me he wished he’d called it “52 Acts of Minor Dissent" instead. But he did finish it, which was lucky, because he had promised to pay UKIP £1000 if he didn’t.

Preview: The Week Ahead May 19 - 25

I’ve seen Abandoman loads of times over the years. At the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year, in a tent in Greenwich, at the Altitude Festival and elsewhere and they have never failed to be entertaining. Rob Broderick’s improvised raps always raise a laugh. His rhymes may not always be absolutely spot-on but let’s face it, could you come up with off-the-cuff couplets off the top of your head in front of a packed house for an hour? No? Thought not.


TV Review: 24 Hours To Go Broke, Dave

Is it decadent post-imperialist arrogance or dicking about in the name of entertaining telly? That was my first thought when I started watching 24 Hours To Go Broke, Dave’s latest comedy travelogue series in which celebrities – mostly comedians – visit various parts of the world with a suitcase full of bank notes and have to spend them in a day or face a horrible forfeit.

Book Review: Watching War Films With My Dad by Al Murray

Al Murray has always had a thing about the military. There is, of course, the Pub Landlord's wobbly grasp of European history, but before that Murray used to do a precision-tooled sound effects act in which he impersonated various machine guns and rifles. And before that, as Watching War Films With My Dad reveals, his childhood was filled with typical WW2 ephemera, from Airfix models to Sunday afternoon viewings of A Bridge Too Far with his father.

Review: Richard Herring, Leicester Square Theatre

This review first appeared in the Evening Standard here.


News: Richard Herring Reveals The Meaning Of Life

Even by Richard Herring's prolific standards he is busy at the moment.


Opinion: Stand-Up Brains Up

These days it feels as if everyone should be taking notes at gigs and not just if you are reviewing it. A few years ago there was a fear that stand-up was dumbing down. That we were destined to live in a world where we did nothing but put useless odds and ends in our man drawers. This week, however, I've been struck by how often comedy currently opts for the high brow option. 

Preview: The Week Ahead Oct 7 - 13

This is one of those crazy busy comedy weeks that makes it worth living in London. You could easily see a top show every night – if you can afford it – and still not catch everything, so without further ado I'll rattle through your options.

Preview: October Comedy Highlights

Don't hibernate, get out next month and see some live comedy in London. Here is your handy cut-and-paste guide to the essential shows next month. Starting out with one essential show later this month...



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