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News: Documentary Looks Back On Three Decades Of Have I Got News For You

Have I Got News for You is 30 years old this year. To mark this significant anniversary Have I Got 30 Years for You celebrates the best of the last the three decades - the battles, the bust ups, the guest hosts, seven prime ministers, five presidents and a tub of lard.


News: Paul Merton Makes West End Musical Debut In Hairspray

Paul Merton is to join the new production of Hairspray the Musical.


Interview: Have I Got News For You Regulars Ian Hislop And Paul Merton

  1. Martin Clunes is hosting episode 1 of the new series - what are some of your most memorable moments of him on previous series?

News: Paul Merton And His Impro Chums Tour The UK

Paul Merton, Lee Simpson, Richard Vranch, Suki Webster, Mike McShane and accompanist Kirsty Newton are back on the road in 2019 to visit some of their favourite parts of the UK with another evening of improvisation. 


News: Have I Got News For You – Picture Report

The first edition of the new series of Have I Got News For You has been recorded. 

Jeremy Paxman was the guest presenter for the first time. Reporter Steph McGovern joined Ian Hislop and Josh Widdicombe joined Paul Merton.

Paxman is the first of nine guest presenters. Joining him in making a guest presenting debut this series is Greg Davies, who has appeared on the HIGNFY panel several times but never as a guest presenter.


News: Paul Merton on Nicholas Parsons – "He's Clearly Invincible"

Comedian Paul Merton has revealed how he was asked to contribute to an obituary of Nicholas Parsons even though the Just A Minute host is still alive.

In a podcast interview with Richard Herring Just A Minute regular Merton recalled the incident. 

"I had a meeting with somebody who asked could I record something for Nicholas’s obituary. I said no. That was 12 years ago. The person that asked me left the BBC five years ago…"

News: Just A Merton – Paul M Breaks Radio Record

Comedian Paul Merton will clock up 347 episodes on Radio 4's Just A Minute in the first episode of the new series, overtaking the legendary Kenneth Williams and becoming the second most featured panellist on the show. The episode goes out on February 22 at 6.30pm.


TV Review: Have I Got News For You – Election Special, BBC1

I haven’t reviewed Have I Got News For You before but I particularly wanted to review this post-Election edition. Much has been written recently about how TV satire has to compete with the rapidfire responses of Twitter. This week’s edition was recorded this morning instead of the night before to be more topical. So did the satirical stalwart manage to have an original take on a subject that already feels like it has been trawled to death? 


Preview: The Comedy Week Ahead – Oct 27 - Nov 2

Improvisation is the flared trousers of comedy. It goes in and out of fashion but never completely goes away. The Comedy Store Players was not the first impro group in the world, but it was the first on in the UK, starting off 30 years ago this week. Early members included Dave Cohen, who currently writes for Not Going Out and someone called Mike Myers. Don’t know what happened to him.


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