Edinburgh Residents invited to Host an Artist During Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has launched a new partnership with TheatreDigsBooker to offer affordable accommodation to artists. Edinburgh residents are invited to host a Fringe artist and see a whole new side to the Fringe, sharing a unique experience with one of its creators.


Opinion: Are Comedy Critics The Enemy Of The People?

Are comedy critics the enemy of the people? Or to be more precise are comedy critics the enemy of the people performing at the Edinburgh Fringe?


News: Comedian Makes Film About The Road To The Edinburgh Fringe

Comedian Mark Row has made a film about his journey to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. A1: The Long Road To Edinburgh is not just about his car journey up the A1, but also about his journey from newcomer to fully-fledged stand-up gigging in Edinburgh in the summer of 2017.


News: Catch The Best Of The Edinburgh Fringe In Advance – In Berlin

Berlin is playing host to a season of Edinburgh preview shows this summer.

The city, which has a thriving English language stand-up scene, is the home of the Berlin Fringe, which runs from July 18 - August 5 at the Comedy Cafe in the city.

Among the acts playing are Bob Slayer (July 18), Mark Watson (July 19), Sofie Hagen (July 19), John-Luke Roberts (July 21), Sarah Bennetto (July 25) and Elf Lyons (July 26).


Opinion: Trying to Remember Edinburgh's Past Cults

I’ve been visiting the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since 1963. In the early days there were six comedy shows in the programme, which was printed on vellum and hand-delivered to critics who were ferried from show to show on sedan chairs carried by theology students from Edinburgh University. Hog roasts were served in journalists’ rooms at the end of the day – around 4.30pm.

News: All The Edinburgh Fringe 2016 Award Winners

Here is a list of all the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 award winners for all genres, issued by the Festival Fringe Office. If anything is missing please let us know.




2016 Fringe Award Winners

Allen Wright Award
Winner: Rebecca Monks
Special Commendation: Ben Williams
Special Commendation: Alice Saville


News: Two New Awards For Edinburgh Fringe

Two new awards have been annnounced for this year's Edinburgh Fringe.


Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Adam Hess

I think I laughed more when I was at the Edinburgh show by Adam Hess than at any show last summer. I have to qualify that, however, by saying that I couldn’t remember many of the actual jokes afterwards, but that was because they flew around the room at such a fast and furious pace that I was still chuckling at one punchline when the next one hit me. He more than deserved his Best Newcomer nomination. I do remember that there was a lot about his childhood, something about nosebleeds and something else about hiding under a bed.


Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Seymour Mace

Sometimes overnight success takes years. Seymour Mace has been bouncing around on the comedy circuit for well over a decade now, but it was only last year that he picked up an Edinburgh Comedy Award for a show that tied together all the madness of his previous outings in one neat package. There was stand-up, a game show element and props that evoked the childlike, anarchic, freeform spirit of Vic Reeves Big Night. Like Vic & Bob and Ross Noble, Mace channels a distinctly north-eastern brand of hobnail-booted surrealism.



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