News: Richard Herring releases Kickstarter-Funded Sketch Show

Comedian Richard Herring has released the first episode of his online sketch show As It Occurs To Me, which was funded by Kickstarter last year.

The crowdfunding campaign raised around £100,000. Each of the six episodes is going to cost around £15,000 to make.

The cast includes regular Herring collaborators Paul Putner, Dan Tetsell, Emma Kennedy and Christian Reilly and features skits including Putner getting half a hand job from Herring pretending to be Emma Watson, Herring as a cartoon monkey, a puppet named Tiny Andrew Collins being killed off, news of Richard's holiday in pre-Trump America, the start of a six-part series examining the ethics of sex with robots, and the introduction of Tiny Baby Anus...

The show is available to watch for free on YouTube here but if superfans subscribe for £15 here they can get instant access to a secret channel which will include exclusive extras such as: 

- a single camera version of the audio podcast 
- aiotm outtakes 
- access to full episodes a few days before everyone else 
- work in progress filmed segments 
- extended versions of sketches and films that might be cut from the free version of the show 



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