Daniel Kitson

Opinion: Daniel Kitson – Brilliant As Ever, But...

He is the comedian's comedian. He is respected by his peers for following his own path and not spending all of his time cultivating a shiny-floor act that will work on Live at the Apollo. He is constantly playing with the form of comedy. In his latest run in London he does something performance-wise that has not been done before.

Preview: The Week Ahead March 3 - 9

It's an unusually quiet week for comedy in London, giving fans and critics a chance to save their strength for some big arrivals in a couple of weeks such as Jack Whitehall, Miranda Hart and Russell Howard. The pick of the bunch at the Soho Theatre is Brett Goldstein's autobiographical Contains Scenes of an Adult Nature, which runs from March 3 - 8.


News: Alexei Sayle on 35 Years in Comedy

Anybody interested in recent comedy history should have been at I Say with Alexei Sayle, the inaugural "Comedy Conversation" at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival earlier this week. It was an opportunity to see someone who wasn't just there at the start of modern comedy, but someone who can genuinely claim to have actually started it all off.

Review: Resofit, Bloomsbury Theatre

Benefit gigs are usually crammed with acts doing quick smash-and-grab sets, partly for the cause, sometimes to try out new material and sometimes, let's not beat around the bush here, to win new fans. This year's benefit for experimental radio station Resonance was different. There was an MC plus only three acts who all had the opportunity to do longer, 30 minutes-ish sets.

Preview: The Week Ahead Feb 10 - 16

This is a week when the supporting players take centre stage. Fans of C4's Man Down may recognise Mike Wozniak as Greg Davies' hapless accountant chum. Wozniak played a kind of straight man as the lunacy went on all around him in the sitcom, but he allows a little more lunacy into his stand-up set, which has a nice line in offbeat stories.

The Week Ahead: Jan 20 -27

This is an exceptionally strong week when it comes to award-winning comedians who really are true masters of the stand-up art. Tommy Tiernan is first up, appearing at the Soho Theatre from Monday. The 1998 Perrier Award winner is a massive star in Ireland and when he graces London with his presence it is easy to see why. He is the kind of comedian that – cliché ahoy – really could make you laugh by reading the telephone directory.

Opinion: Star-Spotting Top Trumps

When I arrived at the Soho Theatre last week just before the lights went down to see Robert Newman I spotted Sean Hughes in the audience. I thought that was a pretty good sighting and a nice nod to Newman that one of his contemporaries was checking him out. In the interval, however, I realised that Hughes had been beaten in the game of celebrity-audience-member Top Trumps. It was pointed out to me that Russell Brand and Jemima Khan were sitting a few rows back. 

News: Daniel Kitson in Lovely Video

Here's a lovely treat. The usually screen-reticent Daniel Kitson stars in this video for Darren Hanlon's song Fingertips and Mountaintops which I just came across. It dates from October 2007*. Kitson plays a teacher having a day out, but let's not waste time trying to interpret it or sing his praises, just have a look and we defy you not to forget about all the bad things in your life.


Opinion: Comedy Snobbery - The Sequel

At the risk of digging an even deeper hole for myself I'll try to respond below to Dave Twentyman's response to my original piece here.

Opinion: Live at the Apollo – A Force for Good or Bad?

Live at the Apollo returns to BBC1 tonight. This has left me feeling conflicted. On the one hand I love the fact that stand-up gets more exposure on television. On the other hand I hate the fact that stand-up gets more exposure on television. Now that's what I call conflicted.


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