Daniel Kitson

Opinion: Is The Edinburgh Bubble About to Burst?

There is a section in Daniel Kitson's current show, After The Beginning. Before The End, in which he talks about his difficulties with relationships. When he loves someone they don't love him and vice versa. One always wants what one can't have. I've had the same sort of thought this morning, only in terms of reviewing shows.

The Week Ahead: July 22 - 28

There is really only one game in town this week when it comes to live comedy in London. Late last week Daniel Kitson announced a short run at the Battersea Arts Centre of his latest show, After the Beginning Before the End, from July 24.

Preview: The Week Ahead July 15 - 22 & Daniel Kitson News

The Soho Theatre's comedy programming policy has been consistently high in recent years but in the last couple of months they've blotted their impeccable track record with a few disappointing – to me, anyway – American visitors. Judah Friedlander failed to lived up to the hype and college humour duo Jake & Amir just made me feel old with their blend of juvenile smut and puerile banter. But the best venue(s) in London gets back on track this week with two surefire bets both opening on Monday.

Preview: Warm Ups are Comedy's True Hot Tickets

I'm usually reluctant to give the opposition the oxygen of publicity, but this week Time Out's comedy section has done a nice round-up of the Edinburgh Fringe's work-in-progress shows coming up in London. I'd been working on a similar piece myself to launch BTJ's new Preview Section and will be posting Preview of the Day tweets to highlight the shows you really must see

Preview: The Week Ahead June 3 - 9

Judah Friedlander is best known to TV viewers as Frank Rossitano in 30 Rock, but like most great sitcom actors he is also a superb stand-up. He makes his belated UK debut at the Soho Theatre this week. It's a short run so get down there quickly.

Opinion: Are Gigs Too Expensive?

OK, let's not beat around the bush, let's talk money. When reviewing comedy shows critics review the performance and try to keep everything else – the weather, their mood, the neighbour munching Cheesy Wotsits – out of their mind. But if a review is all about giving a punter an idea of whether they should go and see a show there is one thing a critic doesn't mention which is highly relevant. Ticket prices.

Opinion: Fans v Acts v Fans – The Results

And so the virtual polling booths are closed and the results can finally be revealed. Last week I wrote a piece about the things that irritate me at comedy gigs and I was deluged with responses from others telling me their gig gripes too. I said I'd expand on the report but when I analysed the responses I realised there was a little bit of crossed wires going on.

Opinion: When Interviewees Bite Back

A brilliant interview with Jerry Sadowitz appeared on the British Comedy Guide website last night. Well, brilliant if you are one of the many broadminded people who have read it, maybe not so brilliant if you are Jerry Sadowitz. Though with the spleen-venting stand-up you never know what is going on under that old top hat.


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