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Opinion: Comedy – As Long As The Price Is Right

I went to Angel Comedy Club in Islington last Thursday night because I’d heard Nick Helm was on. I didn’t arrange to be on the guest list, I just turned up as a punter. And like a punter I was turned away because the gig was full.

News: Kitson Gigs At BAC To Go Ahead

Daniel Kitson's trial runs for his new show Polyphony will go ahead at the Battersea Arts Centre from Monday as planned, despite the Grand Hall and the Lower Hall being destroyed by a fire on Friday afternoon. Ticket holders have been informed by email.

Kitson has previously performed in the Grand Hall, but these gigs were always due to take place in one of the smaller spaces, the Committee Room.


UK Previews For New Daniel Kitson Show Polyphony

Daniel Kitson will be previewing his new play, Polyphony, at Battersea Arts Centre, before performing it in Australia and New Zealand.

The London dates are March 16 - 21 and tickets go on sale at noon on March 10. Details here.




This is the information provided by Kitson on the BAC website:


News: Daniel Kitson Joins Iron Maiden (Against Secondary Ticketing)

Daniel Kitson has shown support for Iron Maiden's campaign to outlaw secondary ticketing. This follows Stewart Lee's support for the fight against inflated pricing last week.

Review: Tree by Daniel Kitson, Old Vic

New dates announced - skip to bottom for details.

When Daniel Kitson’s two-hander with Tim Key opened at Manchester's Royal Exchange in 2013 reviews compared it to Samuel Beckett. Two comedic blokes. A tree. Some waiting. There has to be a Godot influence lurking in there. The play has finally landed in London for a prestigious run at the Old Vic and I can’t really see the connection myself. There's a bucket, but no Beckett.

Opinion: My Comedy Year 2014

“How many comedy shows do you see every week?” After “do you like Michael McIntyre?” it’s the question I get asked the most when I tell people what I do for a so-called job. Well now I can sort of answer it, I’ve just counted up my ticket stubs for 2014 and the results are in. 

News: Another New Show From Daniel Kitson...

Daniel Kitson has confirmed that he will be performing a new show in 2015. Polyphony will be premiered at the Northcote Hall in Melbourne  from March 25 to April 19 as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The show will then tour Australia and New Zealand. This follows his Christmas story show in London and his forthcoming performance of Tree at the Old Vic with Tim Key. 

Opinion: The Couldn't Give A Shit Schtick

I turned on the radio yesterday afternoon and heard a comedian telling people not to go to his gig. It was James Acaster on Radio 5 and while he was there ostensibly to plug his extended Soho Theatre run, you could almost hear the cogs in his brain whirring as he suddenly realised that with the DJ bigging him up so much he might be attracting gangs of Doreen-from-accounts-in-deely-boppers drunken Christmas office parties to his show.

Review: A Show For Christmas By Daniel Kitson

Oh no. It’s another one of his stories about a lonely young person and a lonely old person finding something in common. But Daniel Kitson’s Christmas story is different. Sort of. And if you don’t want to read about it or don’t have time just jump to the very last word and save us all a heap of bother.


Preview: The Comedy Week Ahead – Dec 1 - Dec 7

Talk about a perfect storm. If you are a comedy fan in London tonight (Monday) you really are spoilt for choice. It’s one of those days where everything seems to be happening at once. Luckily some of these shows are extended runs, so if you work out your calender with military precision and can afford it, you might be able to get to a few of these.


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