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John Bishop And His Son Front New Documentary About Hearing Loss

Comedian John Bishop and his son Joe will share the realities of hearing loss in a personal and insightful new documentary for ITV and ITV Hub, Joe & John Bishop: Life After Deaf.


John Bishop Stranded In Paris After Champions League Final But Matt Forde Is Over The Moon

John Bishop had a tougher journey home after the Champions League Final than he had hoped for.

After his team lost to Real Madrid 0:1 Liverpool fan Bishop thought he had lucked in when he bagged a seat on a club charter flight next to actor Damian Lewis.

Things looked good when Lewis tweeted: "With @johnbishop100 on our way home from Paris. Top lad. YNWA." 

Unfortunately things did not go to plan as they documented on Twitter:


John Bishop Show Guests

It's the final edition of The John Bishop Show this week and he has some pretty good guests to help him bid farewell.

James Blunt, who has become a bit of a social media legend thanks to his pithy self-mocking putdowns on Twitter, might mention that he recently joked that he would release new music on the platform if Spotify didn't remove Joe Rogan.


The John Bishop Show Guests This Week

I thought that there used to be a rule or something, maybe some unwritten PR pact, that if you appeared on one weekend chat show you couldn't appear on another one. That's why Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton were in compeition to get the big Hollywood stars when a major new movie came out. If one got them the other missed out. Or maybe had to make do with the director, who often turned out to be more interesting anyway.


John Bishop Show Guests Tonight

John Bishop's Saturday night show is settling into a comfortable groove mixing topical comedy with lighthearted interviews with his guests.


John Bishop Show Guests This Week

Last week I wrote about how ITV was a bit slow in announcing who the guests were on upcoming editions of John Bishop's new Saturday night show. I don't know if I have much influence on the channel's publicity department but I noticed that this week they have been very efficient and have announced the guests well in advance. The shiny-toothed comedian is joined by fellow entertainer Rob Brydon and Otis Mabuse.


Is ITV1 Keeping The John Bishop Show Secret?

I'm afraid Sherlock Holmes did not return my calls so I'm unable to tell you who all the guests are on the second edition of The John Bishop Show. I did a bit of sleuthing myself and by trawing social media managed to find out that Michelle Keegan is one of the guests, but apart from that there is no sign of another guest havng been announced on any websites*


TV: The John Bishop Show, ITV1

John Bishop presents a brand new topical chat show Saturday nights on ITV, The John Bishop Show, which will be co-produced by So Television, part of ITV Studios and Lola Television.


Mixed Response To John Bishop In Doctor Who: Flux

There was a mixed response to Liverpool comedian John Bishop's appearance in the second episode of the current series, Doctor Who: Flux, starring Jodie Whittaker as the time travelling star Doctor. 


John Bishop To Present New Saturday Night ITV Comedy Show

John Bishop is to present a brand new Saturday night ITV comedy show, The John Bishop Show, which will be co-produced by So Television and Lola TV.

The comedy superstar and actor, currently on a huge arena tour with his new stand-up show Right Here Right Now and soon to star in Doctor Who, is getting ready to bring his all-round comedic brilliance to ITV for six weeks. 



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