Daniel Kitson

Opinion: Comedy Snobbery - The Sequel

At the risk of digging an even deeper hole for myself I'll try to respond below to Dave Twentyman's response to my original piece here.

Opinion: Live at the Apollo – A Force for Good or Bad?

Live at the Apollo returns to BBC1 tonight. This has left me feeling conflicted. On the one hand I love the fact that stand-up gets more exposure on television. On the other hand I hate the fact that stand-up gets more exposure on television. Now that's what I call conflicted.

Review: Daniel Kitson & Guests, Hackney Empire

Whenever I write about how good Daniel Kitson is there is a comedian who always comments on it, as if I am prone to over-egging the Kitson cake. Well, I'm afraid that comic might as well stop reading this review – and this website – because I'm not sure if I am ever going to say something really bad about DK. Even a whiffy DK gig is going to tower over most other performances.


Preview: The Week Ahead Oct 20 - 26

I was lucky enough to bag a ticket for Ricky Gervais's sold out live debut as David Brent with his band Foregone Conclusion last week at The Bloomsbury Theatre. He is back for another work-in-progress this Wednesday and if you can get hold of a ticket for face value I would snap it up. It was a short show at less than an hour but great, with some very funny gags in it – particularly in the new song Lady Gypsy.

Opinion: Can There Ever Really Be An Overnight Success?

I was asked recently if I thought comedians made it big quicker these days. It's an interesting question. I guess the question arose for two reasons. Firstly because so many comedians are playing massive arena gigs while still relatively young and secondly because maybe the internet is speeding things up.

Opinion: Daniel Kitson – Stuff

I've been sending out the Beyond The Joke newsletter for the last few months. One of the ideas behind it is that if subscribers like it they forward it to friends, other people read it, like it, come to my website, my website gets more popular and my children get to eat. I'm not quite sure if Daniel Kitson feels the same way about his newsletter. I recently noticed that they have a little copyright symbol at the bottom and an "all rights reserved" pay-off.


Opinion: Reviewing The Situation – The Future of Comedy Criticism

When I wrote about the Edinburgh Fringe bubble bursting the other day I mentioned that I'd reviewed Daniel Kitson in London for the Evening Standard recently even though he didn't invite reviewers.

Opinion: Is The Edinburgh Bubble About to Burst?

There is a section in Daniel Kitson's current show, After The Beginning. Before The End, in which he talks about his difficulties with relationships. When he loves someone they don't love him and vice versa. One always wants what one can't have. I've had the same sort of thought this morning, only in terms of reviewing shows.

The Week Ahead: July 22 - 28

There is really only one game in town this week when it comes to live comedy in London. Late last week Daniel Kitson announced a short run at the Battersea Arts Centre of his latest show, After the Beginning Before the End, from July 24.


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