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News: Russell Brand Doth Protest

Russell Brand is due to be one of the speakers at a major anti-cuts rally in Parliament Square on Saturday, June 21. This will follow a march from the BBC HQ in Portland Place.

The event is organised by The People’s Assembly, which is campaigning against austerity. There will also be speeches from Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and journalist Owen Jones. Stop the War, CND and other peace groups will form an anti-war and anti-Trident bloc on the demonstration.

Preview: The Week Ahead June 2 - 8

Mark Thomas has spent much of the last year winding people up with his provocative 100 Acts of Minor Dissent project. It was a hugely ambitious concept that he didn’t know if he would complete – in fact at one point a stressed-out Thomas told me he wished he’d called it “52 Acts of Minor Dissent" instead. But he did finish it, which was lucky, because he had promised to pay UKIP £1000 if he didn’t.

Preview: The Week Ahead May 12 - 18

A lot of comedy to get through this week so I’ll cut to the chase. From Monday night Marcus Brigstocke brings his latest show, Je M’Accuse to the Soho Theatre. Brigstocke is usually passionately political onstage, but this is his “and this is me” moment, in which he gets personal, discussing his time as a podium dancer, oil rig worker and over-eater.

The Week Ahead: Jan 20 -27

This is an exceptionally strong week when it comes to award-winning comedians who really are true masters of the stand-up art. Tommy Tiernan is first up, appearing at the Soho Theatre from Monday. The 1998 Perrier Award winner is a massive star in Ireland and when he graces London with his presence it is easy to see why. He is the kind of comedian that – cliché ahoy – really could make you laugh by reading the telephone directory.

Review: 9 Carols & Lessons For Godless People, Bloomsbury Theatre

Robin Ince's 9 Carols and Lessons for Godless People gigs are a bit like the universe - constantly expanding. About 25 minutes in our garrulous, cardigan-clad host said that he had to get a move on because there were 23 acts on the bill. Or maybe 23 acts coming up. I'm not sure, I'd already filled up my notebook by then and lost count. It is a bit of a challenge reviewing this annual event in 300 words for the Evening Standard.

Preview: The Week Ahead Dec 8 - 14

I'm not saying Nish Kumar: Is A Comedian should have won the Foster's Award in Edinburgh this summer, but I was surprised that it didn't get talked about more as a contender for a nomination. Maybe this is a problem of just standing onstage and chatting rather than delivering pyrotechnics, feminism-tinged satire or immersive audience participation.

Preview: The Week Ahead Sept 16 - 22

The poster on the left kind of says it all really. Jo Brand comperes this gig at the Union Chapel on Tuesday in aid of providing greater choice at the end of life. Brand has not done a proper stand-up tour for some time, but she is always an excellent host, having turned her deadpan sardonic humour into something more warm, engaging, accessible but still as funny.

Competition: Win Tickets for British Summer Time

The British Summer Time Festival's comedy shows in Hyde Park kick off on Monday and Beyond The Joke has a pair of free tickets up for grabs for each of the following gigs:

July 8: The Comedy Store Players


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