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Interview: Lee Mack On Taskmaster

Taskmaster returns to C4 on Thursday, March 18 at 9pm. Here's an interview with Lee Mack to get you in the mood...


Have you always been a fan of this show?


TV: Not Going Out, BBC One, with Lee Mack, Bobby Ball

Well I guess if one sitcom title sums up 2020 it's this one. And they've given us a sort of socially distanced lockdown episode to see out the old year and see in the new (albeit a day early) with the entire cast including Bobby Ball all in one room throughout the special.


News: Not Going Out Returns In Early 2021

A new series of the hit Lee Mack sitcom Not Going Out is due to start in January 2021. The new series starts on Friday, 8th January at 9.30pm.


News: Not Going Out Christmas Special

It’s New Year’s Eve and we join Lee (Lee Mack) and Lucy (Sally Bretton), Lee’s lovably feckless father Frank (Bobby Ball), generally put upon Toby (Hugh Dennis), the ever uptight Anna (Abigail Cruttenden), Lucy’s occasionally pompous father Geoffrey (Geoffrey Whitehead) and an unusually high-spirited mother Wendy (Deborah Grant) as they wait for the traditional midnight… trifle?


News: Quiz Show For Lee Mack

Lee Mack will host a brand new ITV primetime quiz show inviting viewers to discover if they are in The 1% Club.


News: Lee Mack Woodwork Show Gets The Axe

The Sky History show hosted by Lee Mack that became embroiled in the recent "Nazi Tattoos" scandal has been axed, according to The Sun.


News: Lee Mack Seeks Enlightenment On New Podcast About Buddhism

Comedian Lee Mack has long had an interest in Buddhism, mindfulness and the possibility of leading a more spiritual life. After a few years of dabbling in meditation, he feels the time has come to decide once and for all whether he should seriously seek spiritual enlightenment. 

‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha’ is a new podcast which finds Lee and his friend Neil taking their first (often clumsy) steps on the road to nirvana. 


TV Review: Semi-Detached, BBC Two

New Lee Mack sitcom? The stand-up star is more like Lee Manic here, pinballing from one domestic suburban crisis to another while barely pausing for breath. The USP gimmick, from writers David Crow and Oliver Maltman (a familiar actor/sitcom face himself) is that events happen in real time. But I think if all the things that happen to Mack happened to me in such quick succession in this opener I’d either be dead or in hospital by the end of it. 


Interview: Lee Mack On His New Sitcom Semi-Detached

Not Going Out's Lee Mack stars in a new sitcom Semi-Detached, written by David Crow and Oliver Maltman. Each episode plays out in real time and is exactly like 24, except instead of following a government agent as he saves the planet, the series follows a perennial loser called Stuart (Lee Mack) as his life goes down the pan in a suburban cul-de-sac.


News: Transmission Date Revealed For New Lee Mack Sitcom

The transmission date has been confirmed for the new Lee Mack sitcom Semi Detached.

It will start on Thursday 6th August 10pm. The pilot episode which aired in 2019, will be repeated on Sunday 26 July at 11.05pm.



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