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I'm not saying Nish Kumar: Is A Comedian should have won the Foster's Award in Edinburgh this summer, but I was surprised that it didn't get talked about more as a contender for a nomination. Maybe this is a problem of just standing onstage and chatting rather than delivering pyrotechnics, feminism-tinged satire or immersive audience participation. Kumar's show received good reviews here and elsewhere but did not seem to excite the judging panel.

It clearly excited The Soho Theatre though as they have booked Kumar to appear there from December 9 - 21. Nish Kumar: Is A Comedian is a clever show which takes its cue from the fact that Kumar's face from the poster for his 2012 show became a meme entitled "Confused Muslim" –  from this incident Kumar wittily explores the nature of cultural identity, illustrating his ideas with some great anecdotes - most notably a story about when he was mistaken for social commentator Sarfraz Mansoor at a literary event. Don't go expecting fireworks, just enjoy this engaging show with a deceptively sharp political subtext about modern-day racism throbbing way in the background.

When Robin Ince announced that this year's run of Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People at the Bloomsbury Theatre from December 10 would be the last run ever there was a bit of an outcry from London's liberal intelligentsia. These shows, in aid of the Rationalist Association, have been a great alternative platform to mark the coming holiday without actually getting involved in the religious side of things. Ince, however, plans to move on to new projects in 2014.

Ince is already pretty busy working with Brian Cox on radio and onstage (they've also got more science-based Hammersmith Apollo shows coming up) and his projects are always intellectually stimulating as well as funny. So make the most of this run, which pulls together regulars including Josie Long and Joanna Neary and includes some big special guests. On December 11 Lee Mack will be adding some cheeky chappiness to the occasion, on December 15 Pappy's chip in and on December 19 Milton Jones is appearing. OK, none have written as many books as Richard Dawkins, who has previously appeared, but they are all funnier than the God Delusionist.  It is usually a long show, but as this is the last time maybe we can allow Ince to be a little indulgent for once.

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