News: Richard Herring To Appear At Performance Art Festival

Richard Herring has been invited to appear at a festival celebrating “performance art and noise art”.

The comedian will be performing his Me1 Vs Me2 snooker match against himself that has become something of a cult podcast. Herring joked* on his blog that: “I am one step closer to the Turner Prize.”

The Tempting Failure festival will take place in London at a number of venues from July 21 - 29. Herring will be playing with himself on July 28 at the Hackney Showroom. You can buy a pass for the whole festival or individual show tickets for Herring, which have just gone on sale here

Herring says that he has had to sign a waiver saying that he would be responsible if he was hurt or strangled or cut onstage, though this may be more relevant for the other more extreme acts. He added: “I love the fact that what I am doing is considered extreme (and indeed compared to the other artists I am), though am of course furious  that the only place I can play publicly is at at a festival of art and not sport as it should be. And I am disappointed that that cool intro video doesn’t cut from bare ladies to me playing snooker against myself.”

*After this story appeared Richard Herring contacted me to say that he is not joking.

Watch the trailer below.


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