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Shooting Starts On New Series Of Ladhood

Filming has started on the second series of Ladhood, written by and featuring Liam Williams.

Made by BBC Studios Comedy Productions, Ladhood straddles two timelines as Liam explores the roots of modern-day masculinity, by delving into the memories of his own misspent adolescence. 


News: Liam Williams' Ladhood Comes To Screens

Ladhood is a new coming-of-age sitcom from Liam Williams.

Set across two timelines, present day London and mid-2000s Leeds, Williams skewers modern-day masculinity by delving into the memories of his own misspent adolescence, loitering in the streets, parks and graveyards of suburban Garforth with his best mates Ralph, Addy and Craggy.

Reflecting on lad culture and the formative experiences of his youth, Williams searches for the secret to a less idiotic future. But can he learn from his past mistakes?


News: Fight In The Dog Unveils Edinburgh Fringe Shows

Fight in the Dog, the production company co-founded by acclaimed writer and comic Liam Williams, will take its first stable of performers to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, producing shows encompassing a wide range of comedy genres, theatre and variety.

The line-up includes Tom Ballard, Giants, Jon Pointing and Phoebe Walsh, formerly of sketch group Oyster Eyes. See below for details of Edinurgh shows and London previews.

Review: Pls Like, BBC Three, YouTube, Episode Three

I don’t know if BBC Three needs to work on their SEO or if it is because I’m not fluent in YouTube-ing, but I struggled to find the third episode of Pls Like by googling alone (and even when I typed it into the YouTube search bar it was spat out as one of 3,080,000 results). I’m beginning to understand why the show it called what it is; the quota of ‘likes’ and subscriptions which become the validation or measure through which their return on advertising is gauged. Oh, what a frightening machine it is.

Review: Pls Like, BBC Three, YouTube, Episode Two

Being taken through the six episodes via six vlog-based challenges, episode two takes us before the bright lights of Fashion and Beauty. Liam Williams joins Millipede, and this time she’s brought along the smiling yet cutting Chloe Sass (played by brilliant character comedian Lolly Adefope), another beauty vlogger with nearly as many but also nowhere near as many followers of Millipede. Between them, and a chance encounter between Williams and a pharmaceutical rep, this week we learn that vlogging is more than skin-deep.


Preview: BBC Launches YouTuber Comedy Pls Like

BBC Three is to launch a new mockumentary, Pls Like, about the search for the next megastar vlogger. Produced by Left Bank Pictures, the weekly series follows struggling comedian Liam (Williams) as the unlikely victor who must undertake a series of challenges in order to win a £10,000 prize. 

News: Sky Unveils Valentines Films For Lovers Of Comedy

Sky has announced a new batch of romantic Comedy Shorts. The love-themed series has been created especially for Valentine’s Day and will be available on demand from February 8 and then broadcast on Sky Arts later in February.

The series will showcase the work of Nick Mohammed (as Mr Swallow), Rosie Cavaliero with Paul Tonkinson, Liam Williams, Colin Hoult (as Anna Mann), Desiree Burch, comic trio The Midnight Beast and Paul G. Raymond with Mark Silcox. 

Video: New Edition of 2016 Year Friends Just Released

“Did anyone else not follow a lot of that?” is the key line in the tenth edition of online series 2016 Year Friends, which has just been released. This episode, October, is a not-so-straight horror. Characters come back to life, knives and guns are waved about, there is some screaming and dialogue seems to be go round in a circle. And there is also an obligatory scene in a dark forest.

Edinburgh Preview: Liam Williams

The other day somebody tweeted that I had written that Liam Williams’ last show Capitalism was my number one comedy show of 2014. I didn’t say that, The Guardian’s Brian Logan did. But I do think that Williams is special. He seems to have tapped into something about the mood of much of his young generation. Politically engaged, but at the same time quite bleak about what the world is turning into.


News: Occupy Stages Major Comedy Gigs

Occupy Democracy is holding its first Festival of Democracy, a ten-day event celebrating British democracy and the right to protest, featuring workshops, speakers and entertainment, on the front lawn of the establishment, Parliament Square opposite Westminster.

During the festival they will be presenting three nights of live comedy on May 5, 7 and 9 featuring some of the country’s finest alternative and politically-engaged acts.


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