Edinburgh Preview: Liam Williams

Liam Williams

The other day somebody tweeted that I had written that Liam Williams’ last show Capitalism was my number one comedy show of 2014. I didn’t say that, The Guardian’s Brian Logan did. But I do think that Williams is special. He seems to have tapped into something about the mood of much of his young generation. Politically engaged, but at the same time quite bleak about what the world is turning into. Following his Foster's Best Newcomer-nominated breakthrough solo debut in 2013, Williams’ problem last year was reconciling the fact that his previously dour life was getting pretty good while the world was turning to shit. Comedians are supposed to be miserable, could he be funny and happy? The answer was undoubtedly yes. This year in his new show Bonfire Night he is apparently talking about, among other things, break-ups, so maybe life did not pan at as peachy as he expected. Which means he may be funnier than ever.

Liam Williams is at the Invisible Dot tonight, tickets here, and at the Laughing Horse Free Sisters from Aug 6 - 19, tickets are free, info here.


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