Terry Alderton

News: Joe Pasquale, Joe Thomas, Arabella Weir, Elis James Lined Up for Celebrity Mastermind

Joe Pasquale,  Joe Thomas, Arabella Weir, Mark Dolan, Terry Alderton (pictured) and Elis James are among the competitors in Celebrity Mastermind on BBC One this Christmas


News: New Film Explores Life & Mind Of Terry Alderton

Stand-up comedian Terry Alderton is the subject of a new film.

Comic, directed by Sam Callis, follows Alderton as he battles with ‘The Voices’ – his two unpredictable and hilarious personae occupying his headspace which compete with each other onstage. The minute documentary is a study of mental illness, creative struggle and the comedic spirit.


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Terry Alderton, Pleasance Courtyard

The show begins with an announcement. Terry Alderton will not be appearing, he is lost in an endless feedback loop inside his head.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Terry Alderton

Terry Alderton has had one of the most varied careers in stand-up. He's done mainstream, shiny-floored primetime TV, been nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award and, most recently, has evolved into one of the most intriguing, exciting, unpredictable live performers on the circuit, doing his act and playing a demonic alter ego commenting on his act at the same time. He's a one-off and really has to be seen. You can, however, also listen to Terry Alderton.


Review: Terry Alderton, Bloomsbury Theatre

"The apotheosis of comic dislocation". It's a description I once read about the Chuckle Brothers, but I think it could just as easily describe Terry Alderton. What on earth is going on in the Essex comic's bonce when he is performing onstage? Weird characters emerge, bizarre conversations erupt, the universe is turned on its head, as Alderton is himself at the end of the gig. Is he talking out of his arse?

Opinion: What's Better, New Gags or Old Classics?

I went to see Terry Alderton at the Bloomsbury Theatre last night. Great fun and a full review will be in the Evening Standard on Tuesday. But one particular thing struck me. Alderton was ostensibly doing a new show, but various bits in it came from previous shows. Not just his general multi-personality style, but actual gags and routines.

Opinion: Is Stand-Up the Toughest Job in the World?

Has anyone tried to attack you while you've been at work recently? Probably not, but a news story today suggests that it happened to Terry Alderton during a gig this week. The Essex stand-up was doing a charity gig at the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks in Grantham when, according to Chortle, someone jumped onstage.

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