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News: Cast And Series Confirmed For Spencer Jones Sitcom

The cast has been revealed for the new comedy starring comedian Spencer Jones (Upstart Crow, Tim Vine Travels Through Time).


News: Spencer Jones Comes To BBC Two As Herbert Clunkerdunk

Following a one-off short earlier this year, another episode of The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk, written by and starring BAFTA and 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Spencer Jones (Mister Winner, Upstart Crow), is coming to BBC Two on Thursday, 6 September at 9.45pm.


Review: Spencer Jones – The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk, iPlayer

It's interesting that the BBC has commissioned this short film from Spencer Jones as they've already commissioned a full series of the similar character Mr Winner from him. Either they've decided that Jones is hot property or they've accidentally double booked him. Either way I'm not complaining. He is stupidly brilliant. And this film is brilliantly stupid.


News: Onstage Marriage Proposal At Comedy Gig

Spencer Jones' gig at the Soho Theatre on Friday night ended in an unusual way. One of Jones' team proposed to his girlfriend onstage. Luckily she said yes.

Jones had just come to the end of his performance of his Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated show The Audition when he invited Kit Sullivan up to thank him for all the work he had done on the production. Sullivan asked if his girlfriend, Natasha Doughty, could come onstage too, so they both joined Jones.


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Spencer Jones, Hive @ Monkey Barrel

Update December 2017. Spencer Jones is doing this show at the Soho Theatre until January 6, 2018. Buy tickets here.

News: Leeds Comedy Festival Line-Up Announced

The line-up has been announced for the Leeds Comedy Festival, which runs from Tuesday, May 30 to Sunday, June 11.

The festival started small in Leeds’ Cultural Quarter four years ago and has gone on to increase capacity year on year with huge and exciting names in the world of stand-up making their way to the city. This year over 50 comedians will be appearing in multiple city centre venues 

News: BBC1 Sitcom For Spencer Jones

Comedian Spencer Jones has filmed a new sitcom pilot for BBC1.

He plays the lead role in Mr Winner. Leslie Winner is a hapless but amiable chap prone to accidents. In the pilot episode he attempts to propose to his girlfriend.    


Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Spencer Jones

I will be honest. The first time I saw Spencer Jones I didn’t get it. He was in the New Act of the Year final and I thought he must be a mate of the promoter or just someone who had wandered in from the pub next door, pausing only to put on a pair of stupid white tights. The second time I saw him it was at a Malcolm Hardee tribute gig. He did pretty much the same slapstickish, childlike set, mucking around with props, hardly saying a word, but it suddenly made sense. He really is a gifted clown with genuine funny bones.


News: Barry Awards Results Announced

The results of the second Barry Awards (UK) have just been announced. The awards were voted for by performers on the Fringe – one vote per show – and were administered and organised by Barry Ferns and Gareth Morinan. The awards were voted on by 27% of the comedy performers at this years Fringe. The results are below.







1. Best Show category


WINNER: The Herbert in Proper Job - Spencer Jones


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