News: Daniel Kitson Joins Iron Maiden (Against Secondary Ticketing)

Daniel Kitson

Daniel Kitson has shown support for Iron Maiden's campaign to outlaw secondary ticketing. This follows Stewart Lee's support for the fight against inflated pricing last week.

In his latest mailout Kitson wrote that "in the past - i've charged 2 or 3 quid for work in progress things and found tickets online for 20 pounds each - this is obviously horrifying and nauseating in all manner of ways, and as things stand that sort of avaricious profiteering and my unwilling complicity in it is entirely legal. I have never really believed the maxim that things are worth what someone is willing to pay for them. They aren't. Things are worth what they are worth and the capacity and willingness of some people to pay more than they should due to a combination of excess cashflow and my burgeoning myth is not, to my mind, a reliable arbiter of value."

Kitson then pasted Iron Maiden's campaign so that fans can suppport it, although he does note that they do not mention comedy gig tickets in the campaign. Read more here

Daniel Kitson is also hosting a special late night benefit gig at the Old Vic in Aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust on February 18 with Tim Key, Isy Suttie, Alex Horne and Tim Vine. Tickets here

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