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News: Comedians To Resolve Dispute on Judge Rinder

Two comedians are to appear on the ITV1 show Judge Rinder to resolve a longstanding dispute.


News: Bob Slayer Returns With New Christmas Grotto

Maverick comedy promoter Bob Slayer is to return to the city of London this December with his Christmas Grotto. Among the performers appearing in the 27c Throgmorton Street venue from December 1 - 22 are Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Richard Herring, Jon Richardson, Lloyd Langford, Tony Law, Nick Helm & Spencer Jones.


News: Bob Slayer Challenge Edinburgh Buses To Race

Maverick promoter Bob Slayer has challenged other buses in Edinburgh to a race. Slayer is putitng shows on in Edinburgh this year on his BlundaBus, which has recently been a pop-up venue in Croydon. The BlundaBus shows run from August 6 - 31 next to Potterrow Underpass.


Review: Malcolm Hardee 10 Years On, Up The Creek

There was no dilemma about choosing a picture to go with this review. While Malcolm Hardee might not have been present – he died ten years ago on January 31, 2005, drowning in his beloved Thames – he was very much there in spirit throughout this show that was both a celebration of his life and fundraiser for the film being made about him directed by Jody Vandenburg and Domenico Favata and written by Naomi De Pear.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Phil Kay

Phil Kay is a bit of a legend around these parts. In fact if there was any justice he would be a bit of a legend around any parts. Over the years I’ve seen this unpredictable Scottish goon-slash-genius do absolutely stunning gigs and absolutely terrible gigs, but the one consistent element is that he is never less than totally watchable. I thought he had mellowed in recent years but the last time I saw him he had an arm in a sling and was trying to control a rowdy crowd in a pop-up venue in a Leicester hotel lobby.

News: Heroes Grotto Flooded

Promoter Bob Slayer's posh pop-up venue in the City of London, Heroes: Grotto of Comedy, was flooded this morning. Slayer explains: "Oh the irony...The day after the Weirdos underwater show ends our Grotto venue quite literally ends up under water... 


Preview: Heroes Grotto of Comedy

I’ve been slightly intrigued and slightly obsessed with Bob Slayer for the last few years. Slayer came to comedy via tour managing rock bands and he has, in his eccentric way, shaken things up a bit. His Heroes venues in Edinburgh threw a spanner in the festival works, straddling the Free Fringe and the paying Fringe by letting people in for nothing but also selling tickets for a fiver to mugs who wanted guaranteed seats. The booking policy seemed to work – he put on Adrienne Truscott, who picked up the Foster’s Panel Prize in 2013.

Opinion: Billy Connolly, Prostate Tests & Comedy

Update 18/9/13 – After this piece about comedians discussing their prostates appeared I received some interesting feedback. I was advised by one reader that I should go back to my doctor and insist on an examination or change doctors. Or maybe I should take the approach of comedian Bob Slayer (pictured below), who ran Heroes @ The Fringe in Edinburgh this summer and has reminded me of a story he told in his act, as follows:

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