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Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Phil Kay

Phil Kay is a bit of a legend around these parts. In fact if there was any justice he would be a bit of a legend around any parts. Over the years I’ve seen this unpredictable Scottish goon-slash-genius do absolutely stunning gigs and absolutely terrible gigs, but the one consistent element is that he is never less than totally watchable. I thought he had mellowed in recent years but the last time I saw him he had an arm in a sling and was trying to control a rowdy crowd in a pop-up venue in a Leicester hotel lobby.

News: Secret Soiree Sequel

Following the success of the recent Soiree in a Cemetery featuring Stewart Lee, Adamotions in association with Pull The Other One is putting together a second Soiree in an unrevealed location. Soirée Subterranea will take place on November 29 in and will be hosted by madcap comic Phil Kay.


Opinion: Kay's Catalogue of Comic Anarchy

Update - Re below, Kay's book is out now and he plays the Soho Theatre on 18 & 19 Oct. Details here

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