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News: Last Man Standing Cancels Walk Run – Arthur Smith Axes Edinburgh Show

Arthur Smith, the only comedian who was due to perform a sort-of 'official' show in Edinburgh this August has cancelled his run (or rather walk).

Smith was due to do daily versions of his legendary walking tour from August 9 - 15.


News: Arthur Smith Announces Edinburgh Fringe Show

Arthur Smith will not be daunted by the cancellation of the biggest arts festival in the world this summer. He has been hosting his legendary late-night tours of the Royal Mile on the fringe since 1977 and at this, his 43rd festival, he will return with a socially distanced walking tour of Edinburgh full of laughs, poetry and surprises. AKA a piece of radical, site–specific, outdoor promenade performance art. And probably the only show on the fringe!


News: New Book For Arthur Smith

Comic legend Arthur Smith has written a new book. 100 Things I Meant To Tell You is a "ragbag of escapades, a mosaic of anecdotage, a memoir in fragments, a parade of gags, speeches, poems, rants, obituaries eulogies and baffled recollections" from the original Grumpy Old Man and national treasure.


News: Bath Plug Award For Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith – comedian, broadcaster and famously grumpy old man – was last night presented with the fifth annual Bath Plug Award, awarded each year by Bath Comedy Festival to acknowledge significant achievement or contribution to Comedy.

Previous winners of the medal-like award (a specially engraved golden bath plug) have been Terry Jones, Peter Richardson, Barry Cryer and Rachel Parris.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Arthur Smith

I think you could safely describe Arthur Smith as a genuine Edinburgh Fringe legend without worrying about a law suit landing on your doorstep. He has done shows based on Shakespeare, shows about Leonard Cohen and then on top of that there are his iconic midnight tours of the city. 


News: Arthur Smith Plays William Burroughs

Comic legend Arthur Smith is to play beat legend William Burroughs onstage.

Smith will take on the role for one night only on May 27 in the final performance of Cosmic Trigger at The Cockpit in Marylebone, London.


Preview: Heroes Grotto of Comedy

I’ve been slightly intrigued and slightly obsessed with Bob Slayer for the last few years. Slayer came to comedy via tour managing rock bands and he has, in his eccentric way, shaken things up a bit. His Heroes venues in Edinburgh threw a spanner in the festival works, straddling the Free Fringe and the paying Fringe by letting people in for nothing but also selling tickets for a fiver to mugs who wanted guaranteed seats. The booking policy seemed to work – he put on Adrienne Truscott, who picked up the Foster’s Panel Prize in 2013.

Preview: The Week Ahead Feb 16 - 22

Nick Helm doesn't exactly like to make things easy for himself. Following the success of Uncle on BBC3 he is returning to the live arena with a vengeance. He has just announced that he is going to do eight "masterworks-in-progress" at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival in May.

Report: The Big Comedy Conference

Is it possible to learn to be a comedian?  A lot of people obviously think so. Well over a hundred were prepared to pay between £99 and £150 for a one-day intensive and very enjoyable crash course in the subject on Saturday.

Opinion: Stand-Up Comedy's Name Game

I interviewed Michael Smiley last week. If you don't know the name you will certainly know the face. And if you don't that's him on the left. This year Smiley has appeared in straight acting roles in, among other things, Luther, Utopia, Ambassadors and A Field In England. Comedy fans with longer memories will, of course, know him as Tyres, the raving cycle courier in Spaced.


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