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Report: The Big Comedy Conference

Is it possible to learn to be a comedian?  A lot of people obviously think so. Well over a hundred were prepared to pay between £99 and £150 for a one-day intensive and very enjoyable crash course in the subject on Saturday.

Preview: The Week Ahead Oct 7 - 13

This is one of those crazy busy comedy weeks that makes it worth living in London. You could easily see a top show every night – if you can afford it – and still not catch everything, so without further ado I'll rattle through your options.

Opinion: The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of...Amateur Performers

I went to see Adam Hills film his new live DVD at the Hammersmith Apollo last night. There was a hiccup with the ticketing which meant that Hills started an hour late. You'd expect this to put the audience in a pretty humourless mood, but with Hills it had the opposite effect. After a brief apology it was on with the show and everyone was more delighted than ever that the gig had started. Maybe it helped that the great British comedy audience had extra drinking time, but I suspect that it was just Hills' winning personality.

News: Brick Lane Comedy Festival Postponement – Update

Update 15/6 – Following the announcement below yesterday it soon became clear how unhappy the people involved from the comedy world were. I received a further email from the organisers and Alan Davies, one of the big stars due to appear along with Al Murray and Ed Byrne, tweeted me that "the local residents objected. Nimbys. They could have left it to see how it went. It may have gone back to Greenwich next year." 

Preview: London Comedy Festivals Guide

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Programme was officially launched last month and as the Scottish festival looms ever closer I'll be posting my daily pick of the Fringe previews.

Opinion: Audience Participation – Is It For Real?

Update 21/5/13. After this piece was published I was contacted by Chris Cox, self-styled "mind reader who can't read minds" and we had a very interesting chat about the use of plants in magic and mentalist shows. My interview with him appears in italics on the next page after the end of the original article (click on "next" at bottom right of this page).

Classic Interview: Russell Howard

Comedy Crisis? What Comedy Crisis? Russell Howard has just announced a World Tour for 2014 taking in four nights at the Royal Albert Hall, which is certainly classier than the O2 Arena. Here is an interview with Howard from 2009 in which he talks about his family, his career and comedy onscreen as well as onstage.

Details of Russell Howard's tour here,


Opinion: Brilliant Show, But There Are Two Sides To The Story

Brilliant Harry hill gig at the Hammersmith Apollo last night. This was a show that I reviewed two weeks ago but it was so good I decided to see it again on my night off. Nobody mixes old-school vaudeville and new school surrealism as well as Hill and after a lengthy period away from the stage he was madder and more magnificent than ever.


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