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News: Frankie Boyle Makes His Graphic Novel Debut

Frankie Boyle is making his graphic novel debut with REX ROYD. Collecting together the first seven chapters originally featured in CLiNT Magazine (a publication set up by Kick-Ass and Kingsman creator Mark Millar), plus the final, never-before-seen chapters 8 and 9, this volume tells the whole, unexpurgated story of super-scientist, businessman and evil genius REX ROYD.


Review: Frankie Boyle's New World Order, BBC2

British TV does seem to be having a fair old crack at satire at the moment. As well as The Mash Report, Deborah Frances-White is making a satire pilot for Channel 4 and now Frankie Boyle's series has returned to BBC2 for a second run, in which he discusses burning issues of the day with Sara Pascoe, Katherine Ryan, Mona Chalabi (data editor of Guardian US) and various guests.


News: Frankie Boyle Makes World Cup Travel Documentary

The 2018 football World Cup is about to kick off against a backdrop of spy poisoning, alleged state-sponsored doping, threats of ultra-football hooliganism and perhaps the worst relations between Russia and the West since the Cold War.

In Frankie Goes to Russia, comedian Frankie Boyle is heading to Russia before the tournament begins to go behind the stereotypes and half-truths of Russian football and culture with his trademark provocative humour.


News: Frankie Boyle Returns To Edinburgh

Frankie Boyle will be performing at the Edinburgh Playhouse this year during the Edinburgh Fringe Festiival.

Tickets are now on sale for his latest show, Prometheus Volume III.

The dates of the shows are Tuesday, August 7 to Friday, August 10.


News: Frankie Boyle Comes to BBC2

Frankie Boyle returns to BBC Two this Christmas. With the help of his guests he will dissect the bewildering year that has just happened in Frankie Boyle’s 2017 New World Order.

The programme will feature the Scottish comic at his satirical best with stand-up, review and discussion - all in an attempt to make mincemeat of the last 12 months.


News: BBC Unveils Raft Of Satire Shows

Shane Allen, Controller, Comedy Commissioning has announces a raft of new BBC satirical shows featuring talent including Tracey Ullman, Charlie Brooker, Frankie Boyle, Diane Morgan, Luisa Omielan and Rhys Thomas.

Allen says: “This range of shows puts a contemporary spin on the decades’ long, rich tradition of satire on the BBC.

TV Review: Frankie Boyle's American Autopsy, BBC iPlayer/BBC2

The US Election was only last week and it already feels as if everything has been said about an event that has turned the world upside down. Or, more importantly in this case, that every joke has been made about it. But you can always rely on Frankie Boyle to nudge the taboo barrier a little further, which he does magnificently at the end of this topical show, painting a portrait of a post-Trump apocalypse that makes Bosch’s pictures of hell seem positively benign.

Frankie Boyle Delivers His American Autopsy On BBC

Update 14/11: OK, forget what I said earlier, it went up late but it's there now. Link here:

Frankie Boyle is to give his verdict on the US Elections on the BBC in November.

News: Frankie Boyle 'Censored' By Guardian

Comedian Frankie Boyle has expressed annoyance that his latest column in the Guardian was cut.

Boyle's column yesterday about the possibility of a Jeremy Corbyn government ran on Tuesday but after a while a section in which he imagined Rupert Murdoch having sex disappeared from the article.


Opinion: The Inconvenience of the Toilet Trip

Frankie Boyle made news this weekend when it was reported that fans were not let back into his gig after they left to go to the toilet. Boyle says that this is not supposed to be the case and that his post-piss policy since 2010 is actually that fans in the stalls are relocated at the back or in the balcony to keep disruption to a minimum.



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