News: Al Murray Tops Benefit Bill

John Moloney

Al Murray headlines a one-off benefit gig at the Comedy Store on Monday, November 3 organised by John Moloney (pictured) and The Comedy Store. Murray's Pub Landlord is joined by Wayne Deakin, Zoe Lyons, Alistair Barrie, Fred Macaulay and The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Review. John Moloney will be the compere. 

The show will be in aid of ADCAF, the Abandoned and Destitute Children’s Appeal Fund. The charity’s main aim is the provision of care, relief, protection, housing and medical expenses for children who are abandoned, destitute, impoverished, or, otherwise in need, and the advancement of such children.

Moloney has frequently visited one of the ADCAF sites in Mumbai and says "the work ADCAF is doing is vital and it’s really exciting and encouraging to see the progress that can be  made as a result of this kind of fundraising effort.”

Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

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