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News: Harry Hill Reforms Pub Band For Tribute Show

Harry Hill is to reform his legendary pub band for a one-off show as a tribute to member Matt Bradstock-Smith, who has died.

TV Review: Al Murray V Nigel Farage: The Battle for South Thanet, Dave

Unless you’ve spent all day in the pub you will know that Al Murray will not be taking up a seat in Westminster. But the Pub Landlord has left behind a legacy of sorts. A fun campaign that highlighted some of the absurdity of the electoral system and this entertaining fly-on-the-hustings documentary. 


News: General Election 2015 – A Mixed Night For Comedy

It was a mixed night for comedians and the comedy industry involved in the General Election last night. Most notably Tommy Sheppard, who runs the Stand comedy club chains and various venues at the Edinburgh Fringe, was elected as SNP MP for Edinburgh East, snatching the seat from Labour with 23,188 votes, 49% of the poll.

Review Al Murray, Queen Elizabeth Hall

In a few days Al Murray could be taking his seat in Parliament. Unlikely, admittedly, but his decision to stand at the FUKP candidate in Thanet South could just possibly have an effect on the result as this is a pretty close seat, with Nigel Farage one of the other contenders. If he doesn't get to be an MP Murray still has a career as a stand-up. His Pub Landlord character is two decades old and for reasons that hardly need explaining is more relevant than ever.


News: Jack Dee, Al Murray, Russell Kane Top Hullabaloo Bill

The full ine-up for the Comedy Hullabaloo Festival in Stratford-Upon-Avon has now been confirmed. 

Newly announced alongside previously confirmed stars Al Murray, Ardal O’Hanlon, Jon Richardson and Mark Watson will be Jack Dee, who will be bringing his Help Desk stage show to the festival and dishing out agony aunt style expert advice to audience members in need of a sympathetic ear. Jack Dee’s Help Desk will be at 12.30pm on Saturday 23rd May.

News: Al Murray Parachutes Into Kent

Breaking News, 1pm. 13/3: Al Murray has cancelled his proposed parachute jump because he is heavier than the 14st 7lb (92kg) limit.

The comedian blamed the metric scales and "health and safety gone mad".


News: Al Murray, Pub Landlord, MP?

It has been reported that Al Murray is to stand as a candidate in the next General Election in the guise of the Pub Landlord. Murray will reportedly be standing for the newly formed FUKP – Free United Kingdom Party – in the constituency of South Thanet. This is believed to be the constituency where UKIP leader Nigel Farage is likely to stand too. In an echo of Russell Brand, Murray says he is standing because "The system is broken". His slogan is "Common sense policies for common sense people".



Opinion: My Comedy Year 2014

“How many comedy shows do you see every week?” After “do you like Michael McIntyre?” it’s the question I get asked the most when I tell people what I do for a so-called job. Well now I can sort of answer it, I’ve just counted up my ticket stubs for 2014 and the results are in. 

News: Take Part In Comedy Survey & Win Prizes

Do you live and breathe comedy? Do you go to comedy gigs every night? What kind of comedy do you watch and how do you watch it? Have you ever been to a comedy festival? How would you like to see the comedy world change?

Preview: The Comedy Week Ahead – Nov 3 – 9

Bridget Christie broke box office records at the Soho Theatre with her last show A Bic For Her. She is back this week with her latest show, An Ungrateful Woman. It repeats the same smart formula of daft, self-deprecating clownish jokes and hard-hitting feminist politics, so it will be interesting to see if it repeats the same ticket-shifting success. It certainly deserves to.


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